Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Layers (on Etsy!)

My "Etsy Finds (Fashion)" email appeared in my inbox this morning, and there were so many fabulous pieces that I thought I would share some of my favorites...

Obviously, this snow leopard print cardi is my fave. 

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Our House: Then & Now

Last night, my husband and I attended our neighborhood's version of a Pub Crawl-- we walked to three host houses, stopping at each one to eat and drink.  For us newbies, it was a great way to meet our new neighbors (and take an authorized tour of their homes without having to peek through the windows!).  One home in our neighborhood dates back to the 1700s-- it was the second stop on our neighborhood "crawl".  This historic home was the original farmhouse for the surrounding 32 acres.  Their land was divided up during the 1800s (our home was built one block away in 1892) and then, the remainder of the land was divided again in 1912. 

When the developers marketed these lots for sale in 1912, they created a tiny booklet to illustrate the desirable neighborhood and thriving community (at the time, many Philadelphians were escaping the city and spending their entire summer in our town, so this was an effective marketing technique).  This booklet contained images of the local businesses and existing homes.  And, guess what?  Our house was featured as one of the existing homes!  I about died when I saw the picture, and begged our neighbor to let me borrow it (so I could scan it and have it forever).

Here is a picture of our house in 1912.  It was exactly 20 years old...

It's so interesting to see that the shutters on the 1st floor were a different color than the shutters on the second floor.  Our side entrance, which was added when the home was briefly used as two apartments is gone (you can make out the small side entrance here).  And, of course the bad addition (on the back of the house) doesn't exist.  But, other than that, everything looks the same!  Just as a comparision, here is a (very cruddy) picture of our house last June, before we pruned the overgrown side yard...

The booklet even had a map, illustrating the available lots for purchase, and our house was listed right there as an existing structure. (I know this seems like obvious information, but it was such a thrill for us to see proof of our home's history!)

I also learned that our town was home to a flour mill, lumber yard, cigar factory and blacksmith.  When the Pennsylvania Railroad starting sending a train through town in 1856, the population boomed.  Hotels were built, summer homes were established (yay!), they built a Post Office and the town had one large school.  I even learned that during the Civil War, the blacksmith (about 4 blocks away) made ammunition wagons for the Union Army! 

Fun stuff. 


Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy First Weekend of Fall, darlings!  We have a busy weekend planned.  As you know, we demolished the walls and ceilings on our 2nd and 3rd floors this summer.  A job that seemed to never end.  And now that the demo is finally finished, it's time to clean up.  The massive dumpster will be picked up today (I'm sure our neighbors will be thrilled to see it go!), and we will be vacuuming up dust and removing the paper/plastic from the floors.  It's not glamorous, but I'm thrilled to see the progress and it's nice to know that we are moving in the right direction.

See you on Monday with an update!  Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome Fall 2010

Today is the first day of Fall!  So, let's look forward to sunny days and crisp cool evenings, carving pumpkins and falling leaves.  Do you remember this cozy image from Grace Bonney's apartment, featured in the Premiere Issue of Lonny Magazine?  It just feels like "Fall" to me: I love the punch of red, the warm chocolately plaid, and the classic mid-century modern chair...

It inspired me to design an equally cozy (virtual) living room...  incorporating the preppy plaid, warm woods, mid-century modern pieces, and a punch of red! 

 (confession: this has now become our inspiration board for a future library)

What were my resources? I'm glad you asked:

I'm ready to curl up with a good book (I just starting reading this one!) and drink warm tea. 
Welcome Fall 2010!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oma Vintage

I recently found this vintage clothing shop, and I think that it's too beautiful to keep to myself.  Oma Vintage is based here in Philadelphia (holler) and I love the retro vibe of the shop.  That scarf alone--  LOVE the combination of colors. 

(I'm also extremely envious of her long, blonde, "just been surfing" hair.)

Here are some of my favorite picks...

Oma Vintage is on Etsy, but I also encourage you to visit their official website HERE.  That's where I found the GORGEOUS Oma Vintage blog.  I wish I could take pictures like this...

Or, this...

Or, like this...

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rue Magazine's Premiere Issue

I should have posted about the Premiere Issue of Rue Magazine last week, but I ran out of town and didn't have time to post!  So, without further ado... here are my favorite images from Rue!

I love love LOVE this trend: old school florals with black backgrounds... It's so glamorous, don't you think?  This spread reminds me of this pillow, made from vintage fabric, that I have in the shop (there are only 2 left, in case you decide you have to have it!).

Fabulous color inspiration: camel, red, and leopard print.  Perfect for Fall. 

I'm in love with this chair: a black frame with black upholstery.  It's so SO chic (and that Chanel bag doesn't hurt either).

I'm intrigued by the rustic farmhouse table matched with the modern Saarinen chairs.  It looks terrific, don't you think?  And that bold black wall!

Read the Premiere Issue of Rue Magazine in it's entirety HERE.


Quirky & Deliberate

I'm back from my quick trip to California!  The weekend couldn't have been more lovely and as usual, it went by too quickly.  As I try to catch up on my work this morning, I leave you with this gorgeous living room shot of stylist, Peter Frank.  I spotted it in the October issue of House Beautiful (which I gladly read on the plane).  I just love the combination of colors, the gorgeous wallpaper, and how navy blue feels warm when combined with ivories and warm reds...  House Beautiful called it "quirky & deliberate."  I like that.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Peace Out

Happy Weekend, dolls!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.  I am off to spend some quality time with my very best friends...  I will be attending a VERY special wedding, visiting with my grandparents, meeting my friend's baby for the first time, and staying up late chatting.  I hope to laugh a lot and spend plenty of time in the sun...

See you Tuesday!

*photos by Serena Mutnik Miller

Thursday, September 16, 2010

High Street Market in Rue Magazine!

Did you guys see the Premiere Issue of Rue Magazine today?  It's really fabulous, you must read it.  The creative minds behind the new shelter magazine (Crystal, Anne, Alaina, and Caitlin) did a great job.  Read the first issue HERE.

And, I am pleased to say that some items from my vintage shop were featured in the spread!!!  Check out Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett's apartment, and you might see these impala bookends!  They look so chic!

And, did you see the fabulous brass daschund in Victoria Smith's San Francisco bungalow?

And, in Crystal's apartment, I spotted a vintage hour glass from High Street Market...

and, my favorite snow leopard pillow!!

I'm so proud.  Thank you, Rue!  I am currently pulling my favorite images from the magazine and will post some highlights later!


The NEW Lonny Site!

Good Morning, darlings!  I wanted to let you know that Lonny Magazine has a new website!  Not only does it include the magazine (and all the archives), but it catalogs all of the Lonny images by room!  So, we can search for design inspiration by bedroom, living room, dining room, etc.  Oh, and there is a page for the Lonny BLOG!

Go check it out HERE.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Leopard Rug!

Have you guys seen this rug at West Elm?  I like it.  Wouldn't it make a great runner?  It comes in 2.5' x 7' (and it's only $129.00)!

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