Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Baby 2011

The High Street Market Vintage Baby Sale is live in the shop!

(sale ends at 12 noon EST on Friday, July 1st)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vintage BABY (sneak peek)

Here's just a sneak peek of the goodies we've collected for the Vintage Baby Sale!  One years worth of collecting baby-related items and they're ALL for sale in one day.

The sale starts at 12 noon (EST) on Thursday, June 30th.


Monday, June 27, 2011

It's here!

more details (and sneak peeks!) to follow.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Summer Weekend!

Happy first official weekend of summer!  I hope you all have a sweet weekend ahead of you.  The fireflies are out in FULL FORCE here, and I plan on watching their natural fireworks display from my porch this evening.  Is there anything more magical than fireflies at dusk?  It's one thing I love about east coast summers.

Some exciting news:
  • It's that time of year again!  High Street Market will be hosting the annual Vintage Baby Sale within the next coming week.  Tons of baby-themed vintage pieces will be in the shop, and they're only available for 24 hours.  The early bird gets the worm!  Check back on Monday for more details (or, sign up for our newsletter at the top right corner of this page!).
  • Rumor has it that there is a Million Dollar Decorators marathon on Bravo tomorrow.  So, if you've never seen the show, now's the time to catch up (I was apprehensive at first, but now I love it).
  • And, finally...  on my walk last night, I spotted this lovely lady tip-toeing through the grass:
she let me get within 25 feet (close enough to snap this picture with my iphone)...

and then, just like THAT.  She was gone.

Have a great weekend, friends.  And, I'll see you back here on Monday.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

On To Baby!

Many thanks to the fabulous blog, On To Baby, for posting about the baby shower I styled last month!  And thank you again to Amanda Bevington Modern Photography for capturing it so beautifully!

Check out the post HERE.



Layering Area Rugs

Last week, I wrote a post on the truly fantastic assortment of area rugs at Calypso St. Barth.  At the end of the post, I shared a designer tip: layer a smaller, more colorful rug over a larger neutral rug for a layered effect.  Not only will this bring more interest to the room, but it will let you switch out the color scheme whenever you want to change things up.

This is what I was talking about.  Layered rugs:

An easy little trick to keep things interesting in your home.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY: Custom Linen Door Banner

Of all the handmade projects I did for my friend's baby shower, this one was one of my favorites.  It's SO easy, everyone can do it.  To make this door banner, you'll need a fragment of linen, a pack of Sharpies, and a wooden dowel.

I started with a design that I made on the computer.  I used Adobe Illustrator, but you could use any program (including the basic, boring Microsoft Word).

Since I can't print out a sheet of paper measuring 26 x 18 inches on my tiny home printer, I printed my design in "tiles".  Then, I taped each sheet of paper to the window:

Next, cut a piece of linen to size (mine was 18 x 26 inches).  I used a fragment of ivory linen that I had laying around my office, but any simple fabric remnant will do. 

Layer the cut linen over your design and TRACE.  Yes, trace.  It's as simple as that!!!

I used these Sharpie markers.  Ultra-fine point is the best and will give you the most control on those fine fonts... also, I was thrilled to see how the pigment was absorbed by the linen.  The black was nice and dark, and the yellow was well saturated.  I had initially thought about painting the banner, but using Sharpies was about one thousand times easier.  And, much cleaner.

(picture taken after I had finished tracing the design, and before I had given this thing a good iron)

Next, you'll need to attach your banner to a hanging dowel.  I purchased mine at this fine establishment:

where, clearly, everything's $1.00

including this plastic flag, which was attached to lovely wooden hanging dowel:

I kindly removed the flag, and using fabric glue (I like Fabri-Tac), glued the top edge of the banner to the dowel.  Then, I rolled the fabric over the glue line for about 1 inch (to hide the messy glue and create a clean look).

You're done!

It doesn't get any easier.

Wouldn't this be a fun little project for birthday parties?


*first image and last two images, courtesy of Amanda Bevington Modern Photography*

Monday, June 20, 2011

Elephant Bookshelf

How precious is this little guy?

available at Dwell Studio


Custom Onesie Clothesline

To add a little bit of spunk to my friend's recent baby shower, I made a group of custom onesies and hung them on a clothesline near the beverage bar.  Keeping with the "Bb" theme... each one said something a little different.  And, our Bumble Bee (that also made an appearance on the invites, menus, and note cards) was again a major star of the clothesline:

They were a festive accent to the party... and in about 8 months, they'll make cute little outfits for the new baby.

This DIY project was super easy. 

Here's how I did it...

I bought a 5-pack of white Gerber onesies at Michael's for $10.99...

And a pack of iron-on transfer sheets for $4.99...

Once I was back in my office, I opened the pack of onesies and got to work.  On the computer, I created four different onesie designs.  I used Adobe Illustrator, but any basic program would work (I've said it before, but Microsoft PowerPoint is a really versatile program that let's you import images, manipulate text, etc.  You could easily use PowerPoint if you don't have any fancy programs like Adobe Illustrator)

So, here's what I came up with...

I created four designs-- repeating the Bumble Bee to create a symmetrical look and emphasize the "Bb" theme:

Then-- this step is KEY-- I flipped each image so that it would print out correctly onto the transfer paper.  Flipping images in Illustrator is easy, but if you're using PowerPoint you'll need to go into "Format" and under the tab "Rotate" click "flip vertical".  It's as easy as that.  When you're done flipping, each one looks like this:

Load your printer with transfer paper, and hit "print".  Once printed, I cut out each design, getting my scissors as close as possible to the graphic.  I didn't want a lot of extra transfer paper around the design-- by cutting each image close, you'll create a clean transfer that's more professional looking. 

Place each cut out with the image side down:

image is centered and ready for a hot iron

I ironed and ironed and ironed again.  It took several sessions to get each image to stick.

once the transfer has completely cooled, carefully peel off the backer paper.

And, that's it.

Adorable custom onesie.

*hand wash in cool water, and line dry*


last two images courtesy of Amanda Bevington Modern Photography


Friday, June 17, 2011

Peace Out

Happy Weekend kiddos.

These crazy pictures are from the Sapinus Pro Stand Up Paddling surf competition in Tahiti.  My hometown surf shop posted some shots on their facebook page yesterday, and they were just too gnarley to ignore.  :)

Have an adventurous weekend!



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Margarita Pitcher

Found at the modern online shop Horne, and then spotted on Oh Joy!, this might be the perfect summer pitcher.  It holds 32 ounces, it's made of bone china and completely handpainted. 
Love the navy skinny stripe.

Perfect for margaritas.



I Love Zara

I received some emails asking me where I bought the skirt that I wore to the baby shower I loved that outfit, so thank you for asking!  I bought both the tomato red pleated mini skirt and the confetti printed blouse at Zara.  I love Zara.

(one thing I love about this skirt is that the backside fastens with two large white buttons)

(I love this top and have already worn it again to a client meeting-- paired with a leather jacket and jeans)

Both pieces were less than $40.00 each.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New In The Shop

There are lots of new things in the shop this week! 
Including this reupholstered Greek Key footstool and this polished brass table lamp.

Also, don't forget that Million Dollar Decorators is on tonight.

We'll discuss the craziness tomorrow.


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