Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indulge Me

So, the move is over.  Thank God!  I didn't get to the spa this weekend, but rescheduled for next weekend instead.  We are officially out of the lovely (new construction) condo, and fully moved into our wonderfully OLD house.  I will miss that beautifully new kitchen...  but, I am trading it for pocket doors, creaky floors, and a huge backyard.

Before I dig myself out from the cardboard (that is taking over every square foot of the first floor!), I did some JCrew shopping.  Thanks to a wonderful gift card credit (thanks, Mom!), I bought myself some new clothes, and this beauty!  Perfect for flea market shopping this Spring (which can't come soon enough!)...

P.S.  I must redeem the folks at Verizon.  On Tuesday, a very nice Indian boy magically fixed everything, and now I clearly have an internet connection!  He seriously had super powers.  So, I sort of feel badly for bashing them earlier.  But, not that bad.  My sweet Indian boyfriend was a diamond in the rough, I think.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Totally Exhausted

beautiful collection of "clutter" above,
unknown source

Still moving.  And, totally exhausted.  Why do I have so much stuff?  Moving the shop inventory is a job in its own right...  and, I am literally "setting up shop" in the new location today.  Thankfully, we have much more space over here!

Anyway, have a terrific weekend people.  If we can knock this MOVE out today, I plan on spending my Valentine's Day gift early: a full day at the spa!  I'm thinking massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.  If  we can knock this out today, I will be there tomorrow afternoon.  That is the goal.

Happy Weekend!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vintage For Sale

As I've mentioned before, I am a bit of a hoarder and my business does not help matters much.  I honestly would keep EVERYTHING I ever found, but then I wouldn't have a shop... so, I sell it.  And, let me be honest:  I really sell about 98% of everything I buy (and my husband enforces this rule, thankfully.  Or else, I might be on that show Hoarders).  It's sad to see things go, but that is the nature of owning a vintage shop, right?

So, anyway, I have decided to sell that extra 2%.  It's just that with all the work we need to do on the house, we will be living in a construction zone, and these items deserve better.  So, I am selling the things that I have kept for myself.  Starting with these guys...

Later on, I will try to sell my guest room crewel bedspread, and maybe some lamps...  Stay tuned.


The Poppies (and other news)!

My friend, Rachel, nominated my vintage shop for a Poppy Award (yearly awards created by Poppy Talk Handmade)!  I am one of like, 36 other shops in the "Best Vintage Shop" category...  so, in fear of coming in dead last, I thought I would encourage you guys to vote for me!  I think that we can vote everyday, but only once a day?  Anyway, here is the link to VOTE!  Remember, my shop is High Street Market...  in case you didn't know.

In other news, I hate Verizon.  Hate.  I am working at Panera right now (and in case you were wondering, the Vermont Mac 'N Cheese here is divine).  Verizon sucks and never fails to let me down.  I'm the dumb girl that keeps coming back for more I guess.  I was supposed to have internet transferred from the condo to the house on Friday, and while the internet is gone from the condo it is DEFINITELY not connected in the house.  So, to sum it up: I don't have internet anywhere.  And, I am paying for it.  To rub it in, I got an automated phone call from Verizon telling me "Congratulations on your new home!  Your internet service is now up and running! Please call us with any questions!"  ... NO IT'S NOT!  I hate them.

But to be positive, I love Direct TV.  They are awesome and would never let a girl down.  They showed up on time, did what they were supposed to do...  got our TVs up and working.  Love them. 

Love Direct TV, and Verizon is my enemy.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you...  We spent our first night in the new old house last night.  We woke up to pouring POURING rain, found a mysterious water leak in one room and the power went out!  The day can only get better from here, right?

Happy Monday!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still Here!

peaceful and sunny image from Lonny

Sorry, I'm still here!  We are moving this week and if I'm not loading the van with boxes, I am managing the shop...  and this craziness has left no time for the blog.  I cannot believe what a huge hoarder I am.  Not really, but kind of.  Seeing ALL of the crazy things that I have been dragging around with me from California to Pennsylvania has given me serious cause for concern.  I feel the need to purge and organize.  Is this normal?  Has anyone else been horrified by the sheer amount of crap they keep (and never use!) in their homes?  Do we only realize this during a move?  Only me?  Ok.

On a side note, have you guys seen Hoarders on A&E? THAT show is horrifying...  yet, I can sadly relate to some of the cases (not the ones where people sort through their trash for "keepsakes" but the episode where the gal bought endless amounts of patio cushions for the BBQ she dreamed of having?  But, in reality she just kept collecting and collecting, furniture and cushions kept piling up and piling up...  I can relate to that one, a little bit).  It comes on right after my other favorite show, Intervention, on Monday nights.

Have a great weekend, my friends.  Promise to be back with more normal posts next week!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Packing It Up...

Right now, I'm packing up everything in my kitchen and moving it over to the new old house (I am finding lots of glassware that I don't use often enough.  I need to be more social, I think).  The weather this weekend is awesome (48 degrees right now!).  Not bad for January.  Perfect for moving, I'd say. 

Here are some inspirational pantry pictures for you to enjoy...  while I am taking apart my own!  Happy Friday!


Friday's Etsy Shop: Art By Cheryl Ratcliff

I love these beautiful oil paintings by Cheryl Ratcliff.  She is a self professed "daily painter" and sells her still life oil paintings on Etsy for INSANELY low prices.  I already have one of her paintings ("tomatoes" pictured above) and it looks adorable in my kitchen, but I want another one.  Most of her work is done on small canvases, so a collection of these tiny paintings looks really chic.  Plus, there is something so classic about her work...  and I just love her choice of color.

I want this one:

And, then I want this one:

And, these are some of my other favorites listed in her shop...

Etsy is a fabulous place to buy original art and you are directly supporting the artist!  The art in my house is either vintage (duh) or, it's from an Esty artist.  So, I encourage you to shop for art on Etsy!  There is a huge variety of work...  you are sure to find something that you like.

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