Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

Today, I am getting ready for "Cyber Monday", a day created by the media as the biggest holiday shopping day for online sales...  Is this true?  Do you guys do a lot of shopping online the first workday after Thanksgiving? 

Well, just in case, I added a few new things to the shop...

I listed many other new vintage finds last night, and will be adding several more items to the shop today!  I mean, it's Cyber Monday after all.  So, happy shopping!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

New (Old) House: Sneak Peek

Spent the day surveying the new (but very old) house...  Here is a sneak peek (before we move any of our stuff in!)...

from the entry hall, looking at the front door

first floor living room

standing at front door, looking at entry hall and staircase (which is not original to the house, the original 1st floor stair was sadly removed when the place was converted into two apartments, perhaps in the 1930s)

rear covered porch
(the bad 1970s addition, it will hold my office until we can upgrade)

2nd floor landing

2nd floor bedroom (future master bathroom)

2nd floor bedroom (future master bedroom)

another 2nd floor bedroom (future open 2nd floor library)

looking up to the 3rd floor

looking down at the 2nd floor landing

3rd floor landing

one of the 3rd floor bedrooms

3rd floor dormer window

These images were carefully selected to impress you, while hiding the true horror that lies beneath...

Rotting windows!

117 year old windows.  On the 3rd floor.  We are currently discussing the issues involved...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Vintage!

Check out the new vintage items available for purchase in the shop this week!

brass "whale" wall hook;

vintage schoolhouse chalkboards, here and here.

vintage bird prints in gorgeous heavy wood vintage frames
(from left to right: available here, and here, and here)

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