Thursday, April 21, 2016

Buying Trip

This past week/weekend, Dave and I both left town and went on a buying trip for High Street Market.  It was the first time I had EVER left my children, which was a crazy feeling.  However, they were in good hands with my parents and, truthfully, it was soooo nice to get away (hello, SLEEP).  Before kids (BK), we loved taking road trips.  Living on the East Coast allows you to do fun things like that-- every couple of hours you’re in a new amazing city. But, after kids (AK), traveling is an obvious challenge.  So, getting on the road was really invigorating and it brought back fun memories for both us.  

It’s hard to believe but Dave and I have been in this business TOGETHER for almost eight years now.  Over those years, we’ve made some really good relationships with antique dealers and craftsmen all across the country.  A lot of these folks specialize in "house clean outs" where they buy the contents of an estate and sell it off to people like us.  So, we never know what kind of treasures they'll have available.  Dave's been doing most of the buying (AK), so I was thrilled to tag along and shop.  Also, we coordinated our trip to overlap with High Point Market and we were able to schedule a lot of awesome meetings down there.  And, we SHOPPED.  

Here are a few pictures...

 These louvered shutters and pendants.

If we had a larger car, I would have purchased a couple of these gorgeous green dressers.  The worn finishes were perfection.  Honestly, I was a little surprised how interested I was in "distressed" pieces on this trip.  Not my usual thing.  But, for some reason, I was digging the worn out, farmy, countrified, rustic finds.  Now, I just need a farmhouse to furnish... :)

  And, I will always love an equestrian/hunting theme. Vintage riding boots and European mounts mixed with Whitetail deer horns.  Love it all.

Again, such a rustic mix of green and worn wood finishes.

Beautiful display-- love this frosted finish on vintage green bottles.

 I have no place for this guy.  But, yes. :)

Stay tuned as our finds from this road trip make their way to High Street Market.  Lots of chic things came home with us!

Also, Snapchat.  I joined Snapchat.  We posted a ton of behind the scenes pics and videos during our trip.  If you want to follow along, find us at highstreetHome.  Yay!


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