Thursday, September 9, 2010

Party At Kevin Sharkey's!

Since I just posted the pictures from Kevin Sharkey's fabulous apartment renovation, why not review the party pictures from his Housewarming Party

There are PLENTY of excellent entertaining ideas here!  Let's steal a few for your next party...

Kevin filled the long entry hall with simple helium-filled balloons-- the only party decor he brought into the space! I love how something so simple can bring such a big impact. Kevin said, "It felt like confetti was continuously floating above us."

Guests were served caviar and toast, and "dirty deviled eggs" (made with chopped olives).  The silver serving ware makes for a classic presentation.  This look never gets old with me.

Kevin's bathtub was filled with ice and served as a giant Champagne chiller!  What a great idea for small apartment dwellers!
(a helpful tip from Kevin: first fill the tub with bubble wrap, and use less ice!)

The adjacent shower was used to display Kevin's massive collection of Hermes boxes!

A sophisticated martini bar was set up on Kevin's dining room bar cart...  and, the lower shelf holds ping pong supplies!

Kevin turned his dining room table into a ping-pong table!  Guests were given bright orange paddles and encouraged to play...

They kept score on the dining room mirror...

with Chanel lipstick, no less!

Lipstick was used on other mirrors throughout the house too!  I LOVE this idea, you guys!!!  Of course, I might use a cheaper drug store brand, but you get the idea. 

Dessert included an OREO Cookie "Cake", served with glasses of milk!
(Kevin will teach you how to easily stack this thing HERE)

What a great party!  To read more about it, visit the link HERE.


"Flattering light, good music, and of course Champagne and caviar make for a great party." 
-- Kevin Sharkey

(I agree.)


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Kay* said...

i agree - some wonderful ideas! in particular i love all the balloons in the hallway ...(thinking of when/how i can use this idea for myself....)

Catherine said...

Someday I would like to attend a cocktail party like his!! Looks like so much fun!

Sheila said...

OMG. I'm planning a party right now and copying his!


you don't have to be 21 to chill your booze in the tub! i love the youthfulness of it all. ok, i'm planning a party!

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