Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Washington Post Interior Design Chat!

Hey guys!  Tomorrow, I'm joining the gals over at The Washington Post for a LIVE chatWant to join us?  We'll be talking about interior design, home improvement, gift giving, entertaining, etc!  This is the first time I've ever done such a thing, and I would love a chance to meet more of you!  So, submit your questions now!  We'll start chatting tomorrow at 11am EST.

Click HERE for more information!

Thanks to the ladies at The Washington Post for including me in their "Home Front" chat, and I hope to hear from more of you tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My mom is my style guru.  I'm (almost) 30, and she's (almost) 60, and I turn to her for nearly all of my fashion advice (Once, when shopping by myself, I emailed her an iphone picture of clothes in the dressing room-- "What should I buy, Mom?"  and she would text me back.  She's that good, and I'm that dependant). 

So, when she emailed me a link to these boots a few weeks ago, my heart skipped a beat.  When they arrived on my doorstep, I immediately put them on...  and I've been wearing them ever since.  In fact, I've already ordered two more pairs: one in black, and another pair in "brandy" (for next winter... a girl can't be too prepared).  They're cute, aren't they?  They're also on SALE in a major way (less than $150.00).

*Side note:  there isn't a tall boot on the planet that fits my freakishly large calves.  Really.  I've been excluded from every winter look: boots + skinny jeans, boots + pencil skirt, boots + tights & dresses.  It's so sad.  But, these boots fit me.  It's a Christmas miracle.  They're completely adjustable on one side, and they zip up on the other.  I finally feel like I fit in with the stylish girls.  I have tall boots now!!!  Look at me!

So, if you also suffer from this disorder, go get yourself a pair already. 



Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday GIVEAWAY!

(set of 4 agate coasters, shown with Martin crystal lowball glasses)

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone!  Today in the new store, we'll be giving away a FREE set of Agate Coasters with every $30.00 purchase.  These coasters make an excellent gift-- perfect for both ladies and gents!  We have them in two colors: natural quartz or azure blue.  Just choose your preferred colorway and "add to cart."  It's that simple.

This giveaway is only good until midnight tonight-- so hurry up and shop now!

In order to be eligible for this giveaway, make sure that your original order comes to a minimum of $30.00 (excluding shipping).  Find this Cyber Monday giveaway under the "Daily Deal" link at the top of the High Street Market homepage.  Or, CLICK HERE.

Quantities are limited, one set of coasters per customer please!

Happy Cyber Monday!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Sky

I hope you all had a delightful Thanksgiving weekend.  We drove out of town to visit with my husband's family in upstate New York.  And as tradition goes, we completely over ate (feasting on 8 different side dishes!  My mother in law outdid herself, that's for sure).    We snapped this shot from our backyard once we returned.  That pink sunset took our breath away!

Much to be thankful for this year.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black & White

A couple of weeks ago, something happened to me that has never happened before.  I entered a blog giveaway and I won.  I WON!!  Can you believe it?  And today, my prize arrived: a SIGNED copy of Celerie Kemble's new book, Black & White (and a bit in between).


Here's proof:

Oh, Celerie.  I'm sure I will find plenty of pages to dog ear.

Here are a few peeks at her new book:

It's very interesting to hear Celerie's perspective on black & white.  For a designer who (at times) is defined by her bold use of color, the black and white palette can feel refined.  Celerie says that it shows restraint.  Editing a room down to such a simplified scheme can sometimes be the most fascinating.  The book is a compilation of rooms designed by Celerie herself, as well as other interior design superstars (think Bunny Williams, Victoria Hagan, Carrier & Co, and Miles Redd to name a few). 

Thank you to Brittany (of The House That Lars Built) for hosting this fabulous giveaway.  I'm so glad I won this excellent prize.  :)

I think that I'll go out and buy a lottery ticket now.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lucus Studio, Interior Design

A few weeks ago, I posted a House Beautiful feature designed by Lucus Studio Interior Design.  Since then, I've been POURING over their fantastic portfolio.  Their work is really tremendous, and it's become a major source of inspiration for me over the last month.  I particularly love the way they blend traditional furnishings with unexpected eclectic pieces and one-of-a-kind antiques.  Every space is comfortable and unpretentious...  yet, extremely rich and sophisticated.  The perfect combination.

love the table, love the table skirt... effortless and "collected"

another fabulous dining banquette

again, excellent mix of traditional (skirted sectional with an English arm) with eclectic (Moroccan table, antique rug, spool chair).  This space seems so comfortable.

blue wainscotting and trim!

love the wallpaper, the dark cabinetry, the velvet sofa, and I love the brass library sconces over the bookshelves.

This is just a snippet of the AMAZING Lucus Studio portfolio. 
Visit their professional website for more.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Deal!

If you shopped High Street Market on our Opening Day, you may have noticed a link at the top of the homepage entitled "Daily Deal".  What is the Daily Deal?  It is exactly that!  A Daily Deal.  Everyday, we will add a new item to the shop (something that's not part of the regular inventory), and we'll slash the price.  Then, you can have the opportunity to buy it at a great deal!  It's as simple as that.

Just click the tab at the top of the homepage, and you'll find this hidden gem.

We'll update this corner of the store everyday, so check back often!  And, since quantities are limited, please limit one per customer.

If you stumbled across the Daily Deal yesterday, you may have seen these foo dogs:

And, today's Daily Deal is this lovely brass octogon shell box:

We'll add another product tomorrow!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

High Street Market GRAND OPENING!


High Street Market is now open for business!

visit this link to start shopping:

What a thrilling day this is!  Thank you, sweet readers, for all of your supportive comments and emails over the past few weeks.  We've worked so hard to get to this day-- seeing the site LIVE online is truly a reward in itself.  We hope that you have fun shopping through all the different categories, and seeing all the different products we've produced.  Maybe, you'll even find something special for yourself.


In honor of our Grand Opening, many of our favorite pieces are on SALE. For a limited time only, enjoy savings up to 35%!   It's our gift to you in celebration of our grand opening.

Happy "Grand Opening" Monday!!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Husband & Wife Team: Kate & Andy Spade

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast...    I feel like saying that after two SOLID weeks of product sneak peeks!  But, anyway.  While we work on perfecting the new online shop (there's so much to do!), let's talk about something different.  Just for a sec. 

So, have you seen the new Matchbook Magazine?  Those Matchbook girls have got it going on.  I mean it!  They're really paving their own way in this world of digital magazines.  Creating their own niche, and I love it.  Their current issue is full of interesting articles, fashion tips, and gift guides.  But, my favorite feature was the interview with husband and wife team, Kate & Andy Spade.  As someone who works with their spouse, I'm always fascinated by other couples that make it work.  It's really an interesting dynamic, and Kate & Andy Spade are true entrepreneurs.

Of course, their home is stunning.  And, their story is just as interesting.  Did you know that they met in college?  Or, that they started the company with no money at all?  Kate & Andy took pride in the fact that they only hired people that were talented and nice.  And once you joined the Kate Space team, you were given a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette.  It's sort of fascinating, isn't it?

Anyway, go read the article if you get a moment.

I'm also obsessed with the upholstery on this bench.  I'm stealing this idea.

So, the next time you hear from me, I'll be announcing the OPENING of our new store.  Can you believe it?  I can't.

Happy Monday!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Vintage City Maps

Day 9 of our High Street Market HOME sneak peeks!!  It's only a matter of days before we launch the new online store (I can't believe I'm even writing that, it's so exciting!).  And today's sneak peek is about vintage city maps! 

Professionally matted and framed, our collection of vintage city maps is pretty extensive-- we've been collecting them for years!  And of course, since they are vintage, quantities are limited.  But, we'll be offering such large cities as Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle.  We also have maps of Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Rochester, New Orleans, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Detriot, and Portland.  They are all matted and framed in a skinny black wooden frame.  Each one dates between 1930 and 1940.

The High Street Market HOME store will be open next week! Until then, we're posting exclusive sneak peeks of the new shop on this blog. Check back on Monday to see another one of our new products.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black Faux Bamboo Tray Table

Today's High Street Market HOME sneak peek is one of my favorite items!  It's our Black Faux Bamboo Tray Table, and it could be the most versatile piece of "furniture" that you'll ever own.  If you like to entertain?  This tray table is the perfect workhorse for your next party.  Set it up to serve appetizers, beverages, or dessert.  Pick up the tray from the base and carry it to serve your guests.  The glossy finish makes it easy to wipe clean.  When the party is over, fold it up and store it away for the next soiree. 

It's also very sturdy, which makes it perfect to use as a regular piece of furniture. Use it as a bedside table or hallway table. Or, set it up in the dining room to create a permanent bar cart! We love the simple lines and fabulous faux bamboo style. 

Black Faux Bamboo Tray Table
measures 30.5" wide x 20.25" deep x 32" high

The High Street Market HOME store will be open in less than a week! Until then, we're posting exclusive sneak peeks of the new shop on this blog. Check back tomorrow to see another one of our new products.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Custom Brass Home Decor

Day 6 of the High Street Market HOME sneak peeks!  Today: custom brass home decor. 

Over the past few years, Dave and I have come across some amazing vintage brass pieces in our shopping excursions.  Brass trays, brass door knockers, brass animals, etc.  And, when we fall in love with that one fabulous item, it always kills us that we can't get more of them.  So, we decided that we would try to make our own products.  Yes!  Our own small collection (in limited edition) of unique brass pieces that were inspired by our vintage finds, but relevant to a modern lifestyle.  Made exclusively for High Street Market, here are some of the brass products that will be available for in our new store...

Large Brass Wall Hooks with a diamond shape back plate
These wall hooks are the perfect place to hang your bag at the end of the day!  Use a group of them down a hallway, or in a mudroom.  Use a single hook on the back of a door, or near the entry.  We love the unique diamond back plate and heavy double hook.  Each one measures 8" high and 6" wide

Solid Brass "Ring" Door Knocker
One of my all time favorite pieces.  This door knocker is made of heavy solid brass with a polished finish.  The simple over-sized ring goes with virtually any house style, from modern to historic.  We love the sleek mounting bracket, and the square brass plate to protect your door!

Turtle Shell Brass Tray
Directly inspired by some of our vintage finds, this brass turtle shell is so chic!  Made of heavy solid brass and polished to shine, this tray is so versatile.  Use it on an entry table to catch mail, keep it as a decorative tray in the living room, or use it to hold  jewelry at your vanity.

Brass "Palm" Candlesticks
A slight nod to 1960s Palm Beach design, these detailed candlesticks are made of solid brass.  Each one holds a single taper candle.  We think that they're the perfect thing to flank a dining table, or buffet.  Use them on a fireplace mantle or entry console!

Pair of Brass "Owl" Curtain Tie Backs
Made of solid brass, these wise little owls are the perfect adornment to open drapery panels.  They're simple to install and their modern design works with a variety of looks.  Perfect for a kids room!

The High Street Market HOME store will be open in less than a week! Until then, we're posting exclusive sneak peeks of the new shop on this blog. Check back tomorrow to see another one of our new products.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winston Wood Table Lamp

Today's sneak peek is our Winston Wood Table Lamp.  It's one of our favorites!  Inspired by mid-century Danish design, we created this table lamp specifically for our store.  Handmade in the USA, these table lamps are constructed of solid wood.  They're then sanded smooth to create the most luxurious satin walnut finish.  Each one features an upgraded nickel-plated socket and switch.

It's a strikingly modern lamp that actually works with many different design styles.  It's so versatile, that we had it made in two different sizes!

Winston Wood Table Lamp in the tall size

Winston Wood Table Lamp in the wide size

Each lamp features individually selected strips of wood.  When they're assembled, the collection creates a gorgeous vertical graining.  And we love the butcher block effect that is produced on the top of the lamp!

The High Street Market HOME store will be open in less than 2 weeks! Until then, we're posting exclusive sneak peeks of the new shop on this blog. Check back tomorrow to see another one of our new products.

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