Friday, March 29, 2013

The Easiest Easter Centerpiece...

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I assembled my Easter centerpiece for my mother-in-law's house last night (we'll be leaving for the holiday weekend on Saturday morning).  I gathered plenty of inspiration, but in the end, I was most inspired by this lovely image (below), so I decided to give it a shot.


I made my way over to Whole Foods in search of tulips.  I found these Parrot Tulips in a wonderful shade of pink and snatched them up...

I bought 30 stems for about $40.00.  Truth be told, I wish I could have purchased about 20 more stems...  but, they were sold out of this color, so I decided to make due with a measly thirty. :)  I also purchased some greenery, to fill out any holes.  Then, I dropped by Michael's where I bought a large glass globe vase (about $12.00) and some green floral tape (for $1.00). 
I'm no florist, but I like to play with flowers whenever the occasion arises.  And, this was one of the easiest arrangements I've ever made.  I literally started gathering tulips in my hand, creating a small bouquet as I went.  Periodically, I would wrap the bouquet with floral tape...


Then, continue wrapping.  When you are down to your outside layer of tulip stems, wrap the floral tape as discreetly as possible (so it's not so obviously seen through the glass vase-- hide it with leaves, etc).  When you've used every flower, try to clean up the lower portion of the stems (I removed unnecessary leaves and cleanly cut the bottom of the stems). 

Then, you're done!
Simple and pretty.  I will definitely be creating more arrangements like these in the future.  It doesn't get any easier.  And, I really love the way the stems are exposed in the glass globe vase-- creating a more modern look.  I'm thinking this would be fun to do with lilies, or hydrangea this summer.  Even inexpensive carnations would be cool in this style.  :)

Have a blessed holiday weekend, my dear friends!  Easter is always such a wonderful time to reflect on our blessings, and the greatest gifts in our life.  I hope that you have some time to connect with the people that matter most this weekend!  Dave and I have so many exciting projects happening this year, professionally and personally (look for a big announcement next week!).  I look forward to sharing them here with you.  Thanks for reading this little blog, and I wish you a very Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Easter Table

We're heading to my mother in law's house for Easter this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Even though she makes all of the food, I usually offer to bring treats for breakfast as well as the table centerpiece!  So this year, I've been surfing the interwebs, trying to find some fresh inspiration for an Easter Sunday centerpiece.  Boy, did I luck out (thanks Pinterest).  I'm so inspired!  Here are some of my favorite images...
So simple-- a little floral foam and an Easter basket could create this adorable tulip centerpiece.  Also, love the bowls of jelly beans.


This would be easy-- tranfer a potted bulb to any ceramic bowl and add some moss.  Done.

Love the glass globe vase-- so simple and so beautiful!
How fantastic is this color scheme?
Such a creative idea.  Create a casual little "nest" of eggs surrounded by carnations.
Use an expensive woven storage basket to create this modern tulip centerpiece.  Incredibly easy, and it creates such a chic look.  I love it.
After I found these pictures, I became SO intrigued with the idea of using grapevine to create a "nest" centerpiece.  Amazing!!


 Also, these place setting ideas are just too cute to pass up...
(this would be a fun menu idea for a baby shower too)
Golden eggs!
"Bunny ears" napkins! :)
(all images and links found on my Pinterest page!)

Monday, March 18, 2013

March is a tricky month...

One minute, you're dreaming about spring and all the lovely gardening you'll be doing.  The next minute, it's SNOWING.  Whaaa???  Oh spring, please hurry up and get to Philadelphia.

Our Nellie Stevens Holly row in the snow on Saturday.
Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Dreams

It's that time of the year where winter is almost over, and I am itching to get out in the yard and work.  Even though it's not quite warm enough (or dry enough-- we're getting pouring rain today), my mind is already racing with new projects and "do this!" and "plant that!" ideas.  Some of the tasks include:
          • transplant sedum to the side of the house (it grows too big around the front porch and dwarfs our boxwood row-- see what I mean)
          • plant limelight hydrangea behind the new row of sedum
          • create a container garden of boxwood on the front porch
          • plant ivy along retaining walls of driveway

I'm sure the list will grow and change as the months progress, but this is what I've got brewing right now.  And, I realize that I never shared an "after" blog post on our new cobblestone driveway!  That will definitely be in the works for the spring (as soon as everything turns green, making for much prettier pictures). 

While I wait for my first day of serious yard work, I've been gathering more and more inspiration on my Pinterest page.  Here are some of my faves...

love the ivy beds here
my absolute DREAM.  Tall cypress trees = total privacy.

boxwood container garden

tips for growing hydrangea from trusty old This Old House


more inspiration for a boxwood container garden
(please excuse Julianne)  Love the ivy above the retaining wall.

I LOVE this grouping with the woven outdoor furniture and bright white cushions.


We have four woven outdoor club chairs on the front porch from Target.  We bought them a few years ago and while I'm not totally in love with the style, I do really like them (and we honestly sit in them almost everyday in the warmer months).  Also, they're incredibly durable.  Should I buy a couple of matching ottomans this year?  I'm thinking I should.
Looking forward to warmer days!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

We're giving away a free gift (LUCKY YOU!)

Hello blog readers!  We're giving away a fun gift in the shop today, so I thought I would open the offer up to you (while supplies last!)...

Happy Monday!

UPDATE:  If you snagged a set of our Emerald Green Coasters today, you really are LUCKY! We have since completely SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone who participated in our "Lucky You" St. Patrick's Day promotion!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

NEW In The Shop...

We've added lots of new pieces to High Street Market this week, and I thought I would share some of the excitement over here on the blog.  Among my favorite pieces are these lovely vintage botanical reproductions, and this Blue Pagoda Porcelain serving tray!  It's such a classic-- I truly love this piece.  I can't forget our new crystal serving pitchers (the linear facets are strikingly modern and oh-so-beautiful...  perfect for serving lemonade on the porch this spring!).  Check them out:
available HERE

available HERE

available HERE


And, as always, there are plenty of new VINTAGE finds in the shop!  This month, we've added some wonderfully restored steamer trunks (perfect for winter storage!), as well as some stunning Federalist-style andirons...

available HERE
Happy Monday!

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