Monday, January 30, 2012

NY Gift Show 2012

Dave and I ran over to New York City this weekend to attend the New York International Gift Fair.  Going to the show is sort of like going to Disneyland-- you pre-plan your route and make sure that you never get lost, you wear comfortable shoes (I failed to do that this year), you meet a LOT of "characters" (ha ha), you spend way too much for a cafeteria lunch, and there's about 7 hours of walking.  And, overall?  It's REALLY fun.  :) 

Here are a few shots from the trip...

Normally, the name of the game is get in and get out!  We drive into NYC and leave as soon as possible.  But this year, we decided to stay in the city for dinner.  We met one of our dearest friends at Patsy's Italian Restaurant on 56th Street.  We ended up staying there for two hours, we ate a ton of delicious food, drank wine, and we laughed a lot.  It was the perfect ending to a very busy day.

(notice the empty glass)

One more thing I want to say about the Gift Show: everyone brings their best.  You look around and you can't help but notice the rich talent of this industry.  There are artists, small businesses, large businesses, and entrepreneurs all in the same place.  Everyone is proud of their work, everyone wants to succeed, everyone is working incredibly hard to make a difference in their industry.  It's a modern marketplace of ideas and the "next great thing"...  I always leave the show feeling refreshed and re-inspired.  And, I can't wait to go back in August.  :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Around Here

Things have been busy busy over here!  We're trying to expand the store, by adding some new and exciting products (stay tuned!)...  and in addition to that, I'm working on a few local interior design projects.  Every design is completely different and I am LOVING the creative challenge.  Here's what I've been up to this week...

I did a little antique shopping for a few clients:

found these 1930s French art deco side chairs with pitch-perfect leopard upholstery(!!!) for a client's new living room.  They were designed by legendary French designer, Jean-Michel Frank.  We need to repair some of the caning, but overall?  Finding these chairs MADE MY WEEK.  They're a pretty big deal and I'm obsessed with them.

spotted this vintage faux bamboo Baker table-- gorgeous.

a small red lacquer vintage Chinese cabinet?  Very cute.

and, I'm loving this antique gold mirror

Earlier in the week, I stopped by Lee Jofa/Brunschwig & Fils to shop for wallpaper. 

(love that David Hicks print)

But, I got distracted by the panels and panels of brand new Brunschwig fabrics.  Heaven!!  The overall theme was texture texture texture...  and these crewel prints were by far my favorite:

that's 6 inch crewel trim, people!  6 INCH.

a close up of that stunning crewel trim.  Perfect for trimming a drapery panel, or the bottom edge of a skirted sofa.

And, look at this beaut:

that is one ENTIRE panel of crewel bliss.

And, here it is on an upholstered Bergere chair in the showroom:


But, back to the wallpaper.  While I shopped, I felt "someone" watching me:

He was having a busy day too, shopping the Ralph Lauren fabrics I presume.  :)  But, he stopped long enough for me to take his picture.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At Home by Suzanne Rheinstein

Add to cart!  I just bought Suzanne Rheinstein's 2010 book At Home: A Style for Today with Things from the Past. 

While Suzanne Rheinstein's work tends to lean a little more "fancy lady" than I'm used to...  she's a complete master at what she does.  I'll take any good excuse to buy an interior design book, and I can't wait to pour over the pages of this one.  Plus, the title is perfectly descriptive and the cover is a showstopper.  That living room is actually Suzanne's personal residence in Manhattan.  Photographed by Elle Decor in 2010, here are a few more images of her home...

Suzanne Rheinstein

You can buy the book HERE.

All photos courtesy of Elle Decor, photographed by Roger Davies


Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday (& A Gift For You)

via pinterest

via pinterest

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via pinterest

Happy Friday, kids.  I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend ahead of you!  Dave and I will be heading to dinner and a movie tonight, and then tomorrow it's all about organization.  One of our New Year's Resolutions.  Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

Also, I leave you with this:

Yesterday, we introduced a new item in the store.  The Brass Equestrian Key Fob!  It's totally preppy and fabulous, made of solid brass.  I have one, and I love the way it makes my keys look (also, it makes them much easier to find in my purse).  In celebration of the new key fob, we've decided to give them away FREE with every $20.00 minimum purchase!  The giveaway is for a limited time only, while supplies last.  Click HERE if you're interested.

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspired Bedding

I love this old advertisement from Kate Spade.  The bedding combination is wonderful, isn't it?  The graphic yellow & white, mixed with the more tailored (and unexpected) navy-trimmed shams... and the solid yellow blanket.  Mixing different patterns and colors will create a more custom look.  And, it's a lot more interesting than a bed where every piece matches the next.  So, don't be afraid to mix it up!

I was recently asked to list some go-to retail resources for bedding.  On the short list is Frette, Leontine Linens, Yves Delorme, Serena & Lily, Restoration Hardware, Kate Spade, Williams Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn and West Elm.  I know that there are a slew of others that I've missed, but that list is pretty comprehensive for me, and it covers a ton of different price points and styles.  What's your go-to resource for bed linens?

If you're looking to spruce up your bedding this year, you might only need to replace a few items.  Keep the sheets, duvet and shams-- then, add a fun bedskirt and a pair of throw pillows.  Or maybe it's about a new duvet, or printed sheets!  Below, I've put together a few fun options to boost your boring bedding...

inspiration images found on Pinterest, my new obsession.


Monday, January 9, 2012

A Royal Restoration

The February 2012 issue of Architectural Digest arrived in my mailbox this weekend.  And, boy is it good.  On the cover: Prince Charles and his newly renovated historic mansion, Dumfries House.  The article is excellent, chronicling the history of the property (which is totally fascinating).  Built by the Earl of Dumfries in 1759, the Palladian estate is located in Ayrshire, Scotland.  The property contains over 50 (yes, 50!) commissioned pieces of furniture from an up-and-coming 18th century designer named Thomas Chippendale.  Can you believe it?  One Chippendale cabinet, which resides within the home, is valued at $8 million.

Dumfries House has remained mostly vacant for the last 150 years.  And in 2005, the owners found it just too much to handle.  So, they contacted Christies Auction House and decided to sell it and all it's belongings.  That's when the drama unfolds...  Just weeks before the historic auction is set to take place, Prince Charles decides to buy the 2,000 acre property and everything in it.   Trucks full of furniture, on their way to London, literally turned around and went back.  Great story, right?  The palace has been lovingly restored, with exceptional attention to detail.  It now stands as a proud historical testament to British art & architecture.  The Dumfries House is also open to visitors, and Prince Charles returns to the property about 5 times a year.

Easily my favorite shot from the AD feature:

love the fabulous historic portraits, ceilings, and layered rugs.

For more fabulous images of the estate, pick up the February 2012 issue of Architectural Digest, or click HERE to see the slideshow.

Here are some additional images of the property from other sources:


a craftsman carefully restoring the plasterwork

Dumfries House 18th century Chippendale cabinet




On a royally related note, it's also the Duchess's 30th Birthday today.

(wearing an Alice Temperley lace dress)


Party it up, Duchess.

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