Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Check back on Sunday for New Vintage (and a big announcement about the shop)!!!

Friday's Etsy Shop: Virginia Geiger Jewelry!

I just found this amazing shop this morning! Virginia Geiger makes exquisite jewelry (perfect for Brides!) and the most beautiful silk flowers with crystal detail... Really. Check out her shop! And, her prices are really really low (I don't know how she does it). Pass this on to the Brides in your life!

These silk flowers are my favorite. I would group a few of these together...

This headband is a fresh take on a traditional idea... so chic.

Love LOVE this necklace. Stunning, right?

What a cool piece! Love the chains.

Wouldn't these be perfect as a Bridesmaid's gift?

If you read her profile, you will find that this talented artist is a second grade teacher and a mother of two!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello Lover.

Just bought this yesterday. I think it might change my life. I've got high expectations. Probably should have asked Amanda her opinion, but I had to have it and didn't think straight.

I expect that now I will be able to take pictures like this...

I told you. I am aiming high.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mad Men & The Modern Wet Bar

I've said it before: there is nothing cooler than having friends over for cocktails and serving them drinks out of vintage glassware. I mean, how chic is that? Granted, these are civilized friends who don't get sloppy and carelessly break your treasured one of a kind vintage glassware... But, I don't know anyone like that, do you? If you must invite that person to your party, regulate them to the big red cup. Or, you could just tell them to please be careful.

I've caught a few episodes of the AMC hit show, Mad Men, and to be honest, I couldn't really focus on the sexy storyline because I was constantly saying, "Oh! That desk! Oh, look at that lamp! That CHAIR!" If you are a design freak like me, you know what I am talking about (even during Harry Potter, I leaned over to my husband during a great scene and said, "Don't you LOVE that banister?" He knows I'm nuts).

You're looking at the headboard aren't you? Me too.

Ok, back to mid-century barware and Mad Men. Have you seen the beautiful glassware on that show? Don't you love that there is always a wet bar within sight?

And, don't you think that these vintage glasses should be on the set of Mad Men?

Vintage set of 8 silver ombre highball glasses, $48.00

Vintage set of 6 silver ombre lowball glasses, $38.00

This brings me to my point. Why not have a beautiful wet bar set up in our own homes? Use that buffet in your dining room, or the corner of your living room... I've even seen tight NYC apartments with a wet bar tray in the hallway. Really, you can make a party anywhere.

Take a shelf from your bookcase?


UPDATE:  Thank you for all of the emails informing me that these are actaully DRY bars because they are without a sink.  So sorry!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Milk Glass Inspired Wedding!

Another drop dead gorgeous wedding spread from JL Designs... this time with milk glass! One of my all time favorite things (I've mentioned it before). Check out the jadite and white hobnail milk glass goodness...

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