Sunday, April 5, 2009

About Me

So, a little bit about me. 

I am an interior designer with a love for anything vintage. I grew up in Southern California, went to college at the University of San Diego, followed by graduate school (for Interior Design) at UCLA.  I lived in Los Angeles for five years, helped design homes in Aspen, and worked on high profile projects in Los Angeles.  Then, I married a boy and moved to Philadelphia.  In November 2009, we bought a 120 year old house.  Since then, we've been working hard to restore it and make it ours.  I think that we'll be doing this for the rest of our lives. :)

In addition to running my Interior Design business, my husband and I co-own a retail store called High Street Market.  Our store is a place where you can find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces alongside new and original home furnishings.  Because, after all, good design includes both!  We are constantly searching for unique pieces to keep in the store, and we update our inventory on a daily basis.  Drop by for a visit sometime-- you'll find us at  And, if you have any questions, drop us a line!  We would love to hear from you.

In need of design advice?  Please email me for details!


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Gina said...

You are my favorite blogger. Keep up the good work!

jennifer young said...

you are such an inspiration!

i hope i win the yellowgoat giveaway!!!

spreadin' the word:

love to you!

Sarah Lockard said...

Kell, blog looks great, SUPER! just doing some late night catchup. I left you a message on your facebook fan page. can u call me this weekend or monday? have a great idea to chat with you about and want to reconnect ASAPO bc i think u will love it:)Sarah

Building a House and Home said...

Very excited to find you! (through Blueprint Bliss) Looking forward to following along.


i love love love your blog and your shop. so inspiring. please tell your secrets! ha! i'm just starting out and having a hard time getting noticed. will you tell me what you think?

Amanda said...

I love all of your items! They're just lovely. I wish I could by them all. Just a fellow San Diegan sending some love (:

Hilary Inspired said...

Hi Kelly!

I have been a long time fan of your Etsy site, High Street Market, but for some reason it has taken me a while to navigate to your blog. And now that I have...I'm in love! You have a beautiful sense of style and keen eye for improvement. I am really looking forward to keeping up with all your new and exciting projects!

So glad to have "met' you!
~ Hilary (

Ms. Manors said...

Hi Kelly,

I've just discovered you through Veranda's House of Windsor buzz page. Awesome awesome blog! Beautiful and esp love love love the MDD recaps!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!


Chris Miller said...

Wow Kelly, I am so impressed!

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