Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend, my friends!  Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?  Here in Philadelphia, I am looking forward to 80 degree temperatures and plenty of sun!  This means flea market shopping in shorts and tank tops.  Finally. 

See you Monday!


Clashing Color Can Create Good Tension

You've heard designers speak about "creating tension in a room" by adding one unexpected (often totally crazy) element that makes you think "Um, should that be there?"...  It's based on a theory that something--just a little off--can create good tension in a room.  Breaking up the expected pieces and making the room sing.  Can't the same effect be achieved with color?  The color schemes in these rooms (in my opinion) make the spaces much more interesting.  What do you think?


Practical Picnic

Yesterday, I posted about dining al fresco... and, if you want to take it to the next level?  Go on a picnic.  But, be sure to bring this totally fabulous picnic basket (available at Bed Bath & Beyond!).

It's only $40.00 and it includes 21 pieces.  With an insulated interior!  This baby is packed with enough gear to serve four (however, I don't see any wine glasses!).  And, bonus?  The basket itself is beautiful.  So, leave out on display, rather than hidden in the garage.

For more picnic inspiration, check out this fabulous blog post (with recipes)!  Thanks, Mary Ellen!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dining Al Fresco

The weather is supposed be gorgeous this weekend (80 degrees and sunny!).  So, bring your dining table and chairs outside, buy a few strands of globe lights, and serve dinner.   These pictures inspire me to do the same...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Years!

My shop turned two today.  I plan on celebrating this event by watching a stack of chick flick DVDs and drinking white wine.  Ha!

See you tomorrow.


A Grand Entrance

Today, I am loving these grand staircases...  Isn't that red runner fabulous?


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


crewel throw pillows here and here

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, High Street Market is now offering a limited edition of handmade throw pillows.  This project was a long time coming, and I am so grateful for the support we've received (thank you, Courtney!).   When I decided to add throw pillows to the shop, I knew that I wanted them to be well-made, very affordable, and above all unique. 

chocolate, zanzibar, and the best snow leopard print in the universe

So, I decided to collect vintage fabrics (chintz happens to be my current vintage obsession-- more pillows are in the works) and I ordered a few yards of my all-time favorite prints-- Zanzibar and Snow Leopard.  And, my very small High Street Market pillow collection was born.  So, I hope you like it.  Let me know if you would like to see something else added to the shop, and I will do my best to create it!

Oh, and that chair?  Here is what it looked like 'before'... (this also seems to be a 'before' picture of the 2nd floor hallway).

With an ivory upholstry weight linen, it got an easy makeover...


Monday, April 26, 2010

New Vintage!

I have just activated over 60 new vintage items in the shop!  Due to the huge amount of new vintage, I won't be previewing the items on this blog (like usual)-- so, go directly to the shop!  Click HERE!

I am so proud to announce that High Street Market is now offering a collection of limited edition throw pillows!  Some pillows were fabricated from one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics, and others feature some of my favorite prints.  They are made of excellent quality, and priced affordably!  So, go check them out-- we are very proud of this new addition to the shop...

And, here is a brief preview of the new vintage for this week!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tulips In New York

I had a client meeting in New York last week, and while walking through the city, I couldn't ignore the massive amounts of blooming tulips!  They were everywhere.

Happy Sunday!

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