Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Vintage!

I know that it's the middle of the week (ok, Tuesday), but I couldn't resist sharing these new vintage items! Check 'em out HERE!

Vintage "Liberty Bonds" lithograph, $62.00

Vintage brass owl, $26.00

Vintage milk glass card holder, $18.00

Little brass elephant, $18.00

Vintage Royal Haeger metallic bronze ceramic vase, $32.00

English stoneware white gravy boat, $18.00

Large bronze Eagle wall hanging, $78.00

Vintage "Ocean Queen" coffee tin with lid, $22.00

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Green Girl said...

great finds, i love the vintage coffee tin can:)

Kelly Robson said...

Thanks! Me too. :)

.Amber. said...

gorgeous finds! hoping to purchase something from you soon!

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