Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mad Men & The Modern Wet Bar

I've said it before: there is nothing cooler than having friends over for cocktails and serving them drinks out of vintage glassware. I mean, how chic is that? Granted, these are civilized friends who don't get sloppy and carelessly break your treasured one of a kind vintage glassware... But, I don't know anyone like that, do you? If you must invite that person to your party, regulate them to the big red cup. Or, you could just tell them to please be careful.

I've caught a few episodes of the AMC hit show, Mad Men, and to be honest, I couldn't really focus on the sexy storyline because I was constantly saying, "Oh! That desk! Oh, look at that lamp! That CHAIR!" If you are a design freak like me, you know what I am talking about (even during Harry Potter, I leaned over to my husband during a great scene and said, "Don't you LOVE that banister?" He knows I'm nuts).

You're looking at the headboard aren't you? Me too.

Ok, back to mid-century barware and Mad Men. Have you seen the beautiful glassware on that show? Don't you love that there is always a wet bar within sight?

And, don't you think that these vintage glasses should be on the set of Mad Men?

Vintage set of 8 silver ombre highball glasses, $48.00

Vintage set of 6 silver ombre lowball glasses, $38.00

This brings me to my point. Why not have a beautiful wet bar set up in our own homes? Use that buffet in your dining room, or the corner of your living room... I've even seen tight NYC apartments with a wet bar tray in the hallway. Really, you can make a party anywhere.

Take a shelf from your bookcase?


UPDATE:  Thank you for all of the emails informing me that these are actaully DRY bars because they are without a sink.  So sorry!


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Thrifted Treasure said...

Great post! I am constantly spotting things in the background of movies such as "LA Confidential" "Enigma" and "Burn After Reading", vintage filing cabinets, lamps, I drive my husband nuts!! Glad to know there are others out there :-)

pamela said...

Just found your blog. I don't drink anything stronger than beer myself, but I'm confused. Aren't the collections of liquor and glassware in your post actually DRY bars? I thought the WET kind were wet because there was actual plumbing, like a tiny sink, in place?

Kelly Robson said...

Ok, so maybe these are "dry" bars, since they are without a sink, but not too dry! Don't forget the booze. :)

Michelle said...

hahhaha, I am that way with movies too! (and I don't have civilized friends, and I have so much vintage barware...sad :(

My husband knows I pretty much watch movies for the set design, and shows too, he thinks it is hysterical!

LolaDoggie said...

I am very sorry to pick nits. But, a wet bar has a sink. A dry bar does not. The bars you're talking about on Mad Men are dry bars. Lovely, gorgeous dry bars. Hence the wonderful pitchers of water, which are also gorgeous. I've wanted a dry bar for quite a while and Mad Men has put me over the edge, I am assembling one now. (wish it was a wet bar...)

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