Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gorgeous Green

High Street Market has had an INSANELY busy week. Thanks, Dooce! While we are trying to restock the quickly disappearing inventory, I thought I would share some green interiors with you. Now, sorry, I'm not talking about the environment here. Counting your carbon footprint, recycling, and organic materials, etc, etc. I am superficially talking about GREEN.

Bold, deep, Starbucks green.

I am deciding on some fabrics to reupholster a small armchair. I was thinking of a pinstipe, similar to THIS inspiration picture... but, deep green has now entered the picture. Mohair? Have I gone too far?


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millie fern said...

I love the 3rd to last picture with the green velvet curtain that can conceal the floor to ceiling bookshelves behind the sofa. Love it!

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