Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rainy Day Templates!

I am way beyond thrilled with the outcome of my blog facelift and I must give a major shout out to Ellie, the most FABULOUS web designer from Rainy Day Templates. I cannot recommend her enough. Working with her was a total breeze, and she could not be more accommodating.

If blog templates and all that web-design-crazy-talk makes you feel a little scared, PLEASE contact Ellie. She will make your blog magically turn into something beautiful in no time at all. And--bonus!--she is incredibly nice and easy to talk to (plus, she has a great sense of humor). When I saw the final result last night, I was giddy. (I even screamed. I know, it was a big deal). So, fellow bloggers, don't you deserve some of that happiness?

fineprint: She is not paying me to write this, she did not give me a discount, I am just THAT happy.

excuse the "press" posts that follow... I needed to create a decent link for my menu.

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