Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Hampshire Farmhouse

This home was originally posted on Apartment Therapy (read the post here), but I felt like I had to share it here with you. For those of you who appreciate historical homes (with their unique simplicity and extraordinary detail) you will love this.

This cottage offers 1660 square feet of living space (and that includes the porch!), glossy white painted bedroom floors, trim and cabinetry painted in shades of charcoal grey, and charming wallpaper. Don't you feel like this house packs a punch? The owners (Pete & Sandy) have lived there for 36 years and recently completed a two year renovation. Their super simple vintage-inspired style comes through so clearly. Each space gives you room to breathe. I already feel more relaxed.

I feel like everything in an older home is "better." The trim and mouldings are better, the floors are better (did you see the 10 inch floor boards?!?!), the doors are better. And, don't EVEN get me started on the hardware.


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lulu said...

love this house... i live in richmond, va....colonials everywhere you turn...(yes, i live in one) you blog and your etsy shop as well...i saw blog post on your etsy shop in the blog called 'girl meets glamour' and thought i would check it out.....have a fab week, luann

Jenny at LGN said...


I am DYING over the Liberty Bonds poster in your etsy shop!! The colors are absolutely perfect for our bedroom. The problem is I've been going way overboard with personal home purchases lately though, and I'm pretty sure my husband would snap when the packaged arrived!

I'm still going to see if I can break him down though. There's a fighting chance he might give in - he's a securities attorney (works with bonds and stocks) and his office in Manhattan is on Liberty Street. It's a stretch. I know.

Love your shop and your blog. Keep the good stuff coming.


Amanda Bevington said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the moose! Where can I get one? Seriously. : ) By the way....EVERYONE that I forwarded your blog to is in LOVE with you! xo, A

Kelly Robson said...

I LOVE the moose too! Apartment Therapy says that he (Pete) has a studio on the property where he makes iron sculpture!

Thanks, Amanda! xoxo

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