Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love you, Thom.

I love Thom Filicia. I think he is precious, and funny, and incredibly talented. He is from upstate New York, and I have a slight bias toward cute boys from that area (I married one). I DVR "Dress My Nest" and I know sometimes the rooms on that show turn out a little too "set designed" but truth be told, I think that Thom is part genius and I always find something about his work that makes me think, "Wow, would I have thought of that? Would I have thought to do that?"

This entry from Vogue Living takes my breath away...

I love how Thom's designs always seem to have a vintage influence... The accessories are eclectic, and I love his attention to scale and proportion.

This book is great. I think you'll like it.

Available HERE.

Here are some images from Thom's terrific apartment in New York, which has been featured, well, everywhere.

Table lamps on your dining table? I like it.

I love this shot. Remember Kristan Cunningham's huge maritime canvas? When I saw that, I immediately thought of Thom's apartment. Super cool. And, don't you love the round jute rug?

He also has a (super chic) lake house which was featured in a later issue of my beloved Domino (RIP). Remember?

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Anonymous said...

I heart Thom too. He's a genius at pairing eccentric elements. I love that his designs are never predictable. I agree --I'm not always loving the way the Dress My Nest rooms turn out, but it's fun to watch him pull things together. You hardly ever see a designer who can pull off such a range of styles.

Besides being a fabulous designer, he's just a ton of fun!

Sami Pat said...

I'm not really familiar with Thom's work but see some things I like. Just wondering, where is the cord to that table lamp on the dining room table. Someone's legs are going to have to deal with it, aren't they?

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