Monday, June 22, 2009

Book Smart

I love collecting art books, design books, photography books, fiction, non-fiction... you get the idea. I don't have the space that I should, and someday, I would love to have stacks and stacks of art books on my coffee table (just like an instructor of mine in grad school... she was an artist and had our class over to her house for dinner at the end of the semester. Her apartment looked over the ocean in Malibu and she had two glass coffee tables pushed together to hold several stacks of art books. It was so cool.).

But, I'm sorry. I hate sorting books by color. There, I said it.

Seriously? I think this is ridiculous.

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Green Girl said...

it is my dream to have the whole wall filled with all sorts of books! personally, don't think i would arrange it by color either =)

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