Monday, June 1, 2009

"Design on a Dime?"... I'm stunned.

HGTV's very own Kristan Cunningham and her long-time boyfriend, Scott, live (near my old stomping grounds) in Venice Beach, California. They RENT this 2,200 square foot apartment. I know. Rent. This does not look like your typical rental apartment. I'm stunned. She calls their place "1980s faux-French Normandy."

The couple allowed themselves $1,000.00 for the kitchen remodel. Is this true? My gosh, this room looks incredible for a one thousand dollar remodel. I would love to see a 'before' picture...

Kristan applied 3-1/4" wide strips of wood (mitered at the corners) to every drawer front and every cupboard. Then, she painted the uppers a glossy cream, while painting the lower cabinets a dark charcoal grey. She says that she stocked up on Restoration Hardware outlet store hardware, which I think looks terrific. To break up the lower grey, she created a tea towel curtain to hide pots and pans. She applied the bead-board backsplash herself, and the landlord even allowed her to remove a portion of the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving.

The loveseat off the kitchen is a Goodwill find, and she later had it reupholstered... I love the color and the fact that she paired it with a modern cocktail table.

Off of the kitchen is the living room/dining room space. Kristan painted the ceilings black, which looks totally awesome. I love the blood orange Eames chairs in her small dining room (my new favorite color). Love the giant painting on the wall. Love the open, but comfortable, seating in the living room space. I have nothing bad to say. I'm in love with this apartment.

The painting is from Surface View, a company that reproduces British artwork. This maritime painting was printed on a 6'x8' canvas and at $1,000.00 it was one of the most expensive purchases in the apartment. TOTALLY worth it, if you ask me. I love this idea and hope I can copy it someday.

In the black and white guestroom, Cunningham framed hand-crochet pieces passed down from her grandmother. This is a FABULOUS way to repurpose vintage doilies. So cute.

And, finally, I LOVE that she painted her front door that gorgeous shade of blue. You know, I make fun of her HGTV show, "Design on a Dime" all the time. And, I kind of feel bad now.

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Alicia said...

Why do the rooms never look like this on the show!!! Maybe they need to fire the guys that work with her.
I too cringe most times at the shows revelas. I watch the ends to puff myself & they have a tv show mentality.
Humbled but still wondering why most are look nothing like this?????

Kelly Robson said...

I know, Alicia! The HGTV shows are NEVER this good. Her place is awesome... I would love to get more DIY tips from her... I am so inspired by her kitchen here!!!

Karyn said...

What a great place. I'm hoping that the picture of that gorgeous door will finally be what it takes to convince my husband to paint our golden oak monstrosity.

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