Friday, June 26, 2009

Living In A Time Capsule

There is an interesting article in the New York Times Home & Garden Section about homes that have been left untouched, with their yellow Formica countertops, and even vintage appliances. Calling them "time capsules" — a home that has been preserved for years and years, giving visitors the feeling of being in a "d├ęcor-warp."

Identifying exactly when a home became stuck is easier. “Pink-tile bathrooms, Dishmaster faucets, colors like aquamarine and sunbeam yellow — all very 1950s,” said Pam Kueber, who runs, a Web site devoted to midcentury design. Shag carpet and avocado appliances indicate the ’70s. Lava rock and ultrasuede? As ’80s as a Rubik’s Cube.

Ms. Kueber posts midcentury time capsules on her site with photos provided by readers, often taken from real estate listings. In many cases, she said, the homes were occupied by elderly couples who were immensely proud of them. “I think the owners of these homes were tremendously invested in them emotionally, as well as financially,” she said. “They came from an era where a house was very hard won.”

As a rule, she said, the homes were well cared for, and the belief was “Why change something if it’s not worn out?”

And, in my opinion, why change something if it is still beautiful? Don't some of these spaces stand the test of time? These three images below are my favorites. Read the article HERE, and check out the full slideshow HERE.

Pam Kueber's site, Retro Renovation is really great. If you love vintage accessories, historical homes, and mid-century design, it's a great read. Check it out the galleries of images HERE.

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