Thursday, June 18, 2009

Collections of Vintage Pottery...

I have written about vintage pottery before. There is something so beautiful about an antique vase filled with flowers, or a collection of complementary pieces on display.

I love seeing the different shapes and glazes, and grouping certain pieces together can make for an interesting (and often inexpensive!) design statement. A grouping would look gorgeous as the centerpiece to your dining table... Or, feature many pieces of a similar color for a more modern look.

Vintage Haeger vase with green ombre glaze, $38.00

These long elliptical shaped pieces are perfect for a dining table, fireplace mantle, or displaying on a bookshelf. I have a similar one in the shop available for purchase.

Vintage cream Art Deco style vase or planter, $38.00

Look whats above this fireplace!

Large vintage "Tulip" ceramic vase or planter, $36.00

Vintage USA Pottery peach glazed vase with a scalloped edge, $38.00

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