Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday's Etsy Shop: Umbrella Heaven

Umbrella Heaven: you can find this UK based store on Etsy(!). I couldn't be more excited because, to tell you the truth, I am sick of using those nondescript black compact umbrellas. They're fine, but have no personality, and wouldn't you look forward to a rainy day if you could carry one of these fancy things? I might even skip when using it.

So, I think it's time for me to upgrade to something like this:

Navy Blue Pagoda Umbrella, $70.00

Or, try these classic shapes in a fun color (like pink!)...

Classic Pink Umbrella, $25.00

Classic White Umbrella, $30.00

Dashing Red Umbrella, $30.00

The "Sport" Umbrella in Blue, $35.00

Bonus: every umbrella is made with exceptional quality (no more protruding wire frames, or the dreaded and unexpected "inside out" umbrella situation). And, she ships internationally! I think that one of these umbrellas would make a great gift too!

Here are a couple more umbrella photos from Etsy that made me happy...

"waiting for the rains" by Rainwolf, available here.
"bear's umbrella" by Peevish, available here.

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