Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ahem... Dorm Room Living?

Seriously? This is a DORM ROOM! Really. I know. Read it here.

Some highlights from the article: His name is Sir Maximilian Sinsteden (not really "Sir" but I think it is sort of fitting). He worked last summer with Charlotte Moss, and he claims he "finishes her sentences" and "she reads my mind." Wow.

He is paying to store that drabby dorm furniture so he can enjoy a more sophisticated dorm room. Maximilian says by the time he was twelve, he had already redesigned the rooms in his parents Connecticut home a few times over. The curtain tie backs in this dorm room are repurposed ascots. When a friends mom called upon his services for a design tour, Maximilian made a scaled replica of her home out of gingerbread(!) and used it in the kitchen as a prop.

He has already finished his first solo design job (after opening his own design firm)-- the furnishing of a 78-foot yacht. Wow. I feel like a loser.

Ok, let's talk about this. When I was in college, we weren't allowed to drill anything into the walls and we certainly weren't allowed a fully stocked WET BAR in our room! And, we weren't allowed to paint and we definitely were not allowed to remove the dorm furniture and have it stored out of sight for the duration of the school year.

So there.

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Teresa @ good-grace said...

Hee hee!! This last part cracks me up!! (so true! no painting, no drilling...nada!)

KT said...

Can I just say that I have been taking my daughter on college visits and we have not seen anything quite like this in the dorms!

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