Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Deal!

If you shopped High Street Market on our Opening Day, you may have noticed a link at the top of the homepage entitled "Daily Deal".  What is the Daily Deal?  It is exactly that!  A Daily Deal.  Everyday, we will add a new item to the shop (something that's not part of the regular inventory), and we'll slash the price.  Then, you can have the opportunity to buy it at a great deal!  It's as simple as that.

Just click the tab at the top of the homepage, and you'll find this hidden gem.

We'll update this corner of the store everyday, so check back often!  And, since quantities are limited, please limit one per customer.

If you stumbled across the Daily Deal yesterday, you may have seen these foo dogs:

And, today's Daily Deal is this lovely brass octogon shell box:

We'll add another product tomorrow!

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Caroline said...

I've loved your blog for some time now and am SO excited for the online shop. You have impeccable taste- can't wait to make a purchase! Love the "daily deal" idea as well- keeps us checking back :)

P.S. I love this... said...


I'm not sure how I found your blog and store but I'm so glad I did. I love the items you carry. I'm planning on purchasing those fab bamboo lamps. I've also purchased from your Etsy store.. I have my eye on a few other items I just have to have.

I love that you bought an old house. My hubby and I just bought our first home and it's an oldie but goodie too. Built in 1892 and we just love it. We have tons of stuff we'd like to change, most important the kitchen and bathrooms. We adore the rest of the house's footprint. I was so inspired by your landscaping.. as that's the bane of my existence right now.. I need pretty landscaping. After reading your posts and seeing the "before and afters", I'm gaining confidence that we can do it ourselves.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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