Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bb is for Baby Shower!

Brooke & Dean, our honored mommy and daddy-to-be, standing in front of their gorgeous mid-century modern home in Southern California.

I truly feel like a blessed person because God has given me some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.  My friend Brooke is one the dearest people on the face of the earth.  She's family, really.  You know that caliber of friend?  That's Brooke.  We met in college, eleven years ago, and have been besties ever since.  When she called me last November to tell me she was pregnant, the conversation went a little like this... Me: "Hi!" (after seeing her name on the caller ID),  Brooke: "Hi!", Me: "What is it? What's going on? Something's up. Tell me."  She laughed and then told me she was pregnant.  To that I started crying like a crazy person.  When I stopped crying and screaming, I said "How long have you known??" and Brooke said "Two hours." 

She knew it was a boy right from the beginning and sure enough, at the end of January, she found out that it was indeed a boy.  Due in the 1st week of August.  Even though I'm thousands of miles away, I knew a very special baby shower was in order.  I called up my girlfriend Karen in Santa Monica (also a life long friend, college roomie and part three to this fabulous friendship) and the ball started rolling.  From that point, there were many emails discussing cupcake flavors, table layouts, and logistics.  We even had conference calls with Brooke (an attorney) and Karen (a sales executive) sneaking away from their offices for "important business."  When the eventful weekend finally rolled around, I jumped on a plane and before we knew it, it was Sunday.  Baby Shower Day! 

Amanda Bevington arrived a couple of hours before the guests got there and photographed the scene.  I've said it before but Amanda makes everything look prettier-- she's a marvelously talented person.  Not only is she beautiful and kind (and funny!) but she's really a true professional in every sense.  I'm so grateful that she was available to document the party!  

So without further adieu, here are the photos of the "Bb is for Baby" Baby Shower!

invitations, designed by moi.  :)
(the backdrop for this image? Brooke & Dean have the original 1950s white terrazzo floors and they're immaculate.  One of the many charming features in their gem of a house)

each table centerpiece had a yellow banner floating above it, quoting lines from the song Baby Of Mine.

(the menu)

Brooke's nieces signing the "advice" cards!

Brooke getting "quizzed" by my co-host, Karen.
husband Dean (walking through the doorway) made a cameo at the end of the party to surprise Brooke.

Brooke's mother gave her a basket of baby clothes...  but as she reached for them,
it turned out to be a thirty foot clothesline FULL of adorable outfits.

(Dean, lending a hand)

my beautiful friend.

swirly straws from HeyYoyo
(and Summer Sangria recipe from Eddie Ross--
I can't tell you how many people asked for the recipe!  It's delish!)

me, posing at the front door. 
(with my drink in hand)

Brooke, we love you so much and can't wait to meet that precious baby boy.


party rentals: Atlas Party Rentals
catering: completely homemade by my friend, Karen.  :)
party theme, decor, invitations and all paper goods:  Kelly G. Robson Design

***all images are property of High Street Market and Amanda Bevington Modern Photography***

So.  I have LOADS of DIY projects to share with you guys...  including the line of custom onesies, the "we *heart* brooke" cookie bags, and the handmade linen door banner.  I will share each project little by little over the next couple of weeks (so people don't get too baby-showered-out). 

Also, the recipe for the Blackforest Cupcakes was divine.  I'll share that too. 

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!


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Susan said...

Beautiful job can tell how much work you put into it!

Natasha @ Northern Light Design said...

A.MAZ.ING! What a job... Next time I would like an invite ;), so I can see for myself..... Great images as well!

Thank you for sharing,
Northern Light Blog

amber wallace said...

The most beautiful baby shower I've ever seen! Great job. Cannot wait for the projects!

Unknown said...

What a lucky girlfriend, this is a beautiful baby shower! Every detail is perfect and the setting is no so shabby either! Looks like a great time.

Cathy @ Room Rx

Barnwood Urbanist said...

Gorgeous! I love the yellow and the little bees and the "Bb" theme. Fantastic! Would love to know where you got the invitations. What a lucky pregnant lady to have such wonderful friends who can throw her such a charming party.

Heather (love your space) said...

the party looks beautiful--amazing job! To be honest, I really want to see inside that incredible HOUSE!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous shower! Wow - you really thought of every detail. It looks fab!!

Kelly Robson said...

THANK YOU!! Thank you all so much for your kind comments. The party was WAY too much fun to plan-- I can't wait to share all of the DIY projects with you!

Barnwood Urbanist-- I did the invitations (and all paper goods including menus, advice cards, tags, etc) myself! I designed them and had them printed... love the way they turned out!

And, Brooke & Dean's home is INCREDIBLE! Completely custom designed in the 1950s-- the sunshine pours in from every window at all hours of the day. It's gorgeous.


Heather said...

What a great party! It looks magazine spread worthy! I love all the special touches you created! What a lucky mom-to-be she is with a friend like you!

Danielle G. said...

Just beautiful, Kelly. Every detail. But what I love most is the warmth of your friendship that shines through.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** That has G*O*T to be T*H*E most DARLING, LOVING gift Brooke ever received... she is SO LUCKY to have such a DEAR FRIEND like you, who loves her so much that she's "moved the sun n' the stars" to make sure "her/Brooke's day" was PICTURE PERFECT!!! Everything is beautiful, and shows such GREAT PLANNING & ATTENTION to every conceivable detail! WOW!!!

KUDOS to you, and WARMEST WISHES to Brooke n' "family"!!!

Happy blessings to all,
Linda in AZ *

Dayka Robinson said...

brooke & dean have a beautiful home that set the perfect backdrop for this shower. everything you ladies did looked AMAZING--you should be proud of yourself, and i know the momma-to-be is over the moon!

Jenny B. said...

Gorgeous friend (probably the most beautiful pregnant woman ever, how does she do that), darling shower, wonderful home. Of course, as a mom, all I keep thinking is "how are they going to fence that pool?"- I know in Australia I've seen a lot of glass or plexiglass (no sure) type fences that don't interfere with the view out the gorgeous windows.

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing shower! We're loving all the little details: the adorable invitations, the colorful poms poms overhead, the tea sandwich flags, it's all so sweet! Thanks for the inspiration.
xo E + J

Amanda Bevington said...

You are AMAZING Kelly! What a gorgeous shower it was! I love the pics that you took during the shower too - was fun to see it all in action! You are truly the best girlfriend! I am sure that Brooke appreciated every single detail and most of all YOU! Beautiful!

RLG said...

Hello, gorgeous! Everything is so beautiful. You are amazing, Kelly. It's really too bad we were not BFF when I was pregnant with my first. LOL And I have to ask: is your friend's home an Eichler??? Remind me again why you moved away from CA? Incredible photos, Amanda. xoxo

Julie H. said...

Love it. You did an amazing job. That was A LOT of work! Don't you just love an excuse to plan something so fun & beautiful..

JWK said...

Fabulous! I can't wait to try that sangria this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Is that skirt you're wearing from J. Crew by any chance? If so, I really want it now...

Unknown said...

What a beautiful party--looks like the work of a top-notch event planner! And what a blessing to have such wonderful friends!

S Haines said...

That is the most amazing shower I've ever seen! So pulled together and personal. Great job!

Would love to know where you printed the invites...I too live near Philly.

Can't wait to hear details about the other DIY items as well.

Lilo said...

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and I absolutely love it!! This is such an amazing baby shower. Quick question about the sangria - what was the ratio of the white wine to the fresca?

Kelly Robson said...

Sangria! The ratio of Fresca to white wine was this:

2 parts Fresca
1 part white wine

of course, for something a little stronger, you could always do half and half. ;)


Style Court said...

Kelly, I'm revisiting this for glimpses of the house :) Very frustrated not to be in L.A. right now to see the Eames living room recreation at LACMA. Anyway, love how your use of yellow plays up the sunny California vibe.

Online Market Report said...

So shower

Joanne said...

Fabulous job putting this shower together. There are so many good ideas that you incorporated! And the blackforest cupcakes look absolutely delicious! If you have the recipe still, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you - Joanne :)

Joanne said...

Fabulous job on this shower! Everything just looks perfect. And the blackforest cupcakes look absolutely delicious! If you still have the recipe, I would greatly appreciate if you shared the recipe!

Thank you - Joanne :)

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