Monday, April 11, 2011

The Philadelphia Antiques Show 2011

On Saturday night, my husband and I got all gussied up to attend The Philadelphia Antiques Show "World Collectors Party" at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia.  While sipping cocktails, we browsed through some of the most amazing antiques I've ever seen.  And afterwards, we walked over to the Urban Outfitters building for an "after party" with hor d'ourves, more drinks, dancing, and prizes (by the way, the Urban Outfitters building feels so creative with it's two story ceilings and fabulous art installations-- if I knew how to work my camera in low lighting, I would have taken more pictures!).  But, let's talk about the antiques.  I have to be honest with you: the Philadelphia Antiques Show was even more inspiring than our recent trip to High Point Market.  It was.  We were both so incredibly impressed by the pieces featured here, it just made me realize why I love my job so much.  I took about 150 pictures.  :)

2011 marks the 50th anniversary for the Philadelphia Antiques Show, and all proceeds benefit Penn Medicine (this year's beneficiary is the Ovarian Cancer Research Center).

The show was FULL of the most beautiful hand painted portraits you've ever seen.  I love this couple shown in the upper left (seen at Peter Eaton & Joan Brownstein).  The bright orange hutch looked amazing on that charcoal wall (at Allen Katz Americana, Connecticut)...  and I fell in love with these antique chairs, upholstered in a plaid wool and then the original red leather (seen in the JAGR, Philadelphia booth).

A wall full of gorgeous Audubon Brown prints on the left (from Arader Galleries), and of course, my favorite Federalist style mirror on the right (available at Alfred Bullard Inc, Philadelphia)

A fascinating chest of drawers, topped with folk art portraits.  I loved the antique Pennsylvania State Seal, shown in the upper right corner. Both pieces are available at Old Hope Antiques.
This magnificent silver coffee urn is available at S.J. Shrubsole, New York

This embroidered bedspread was nothing short of breathtaking. Dating between 1820 and 1840, it was made in Pennsylvania (and will set you back about $8,500)
available through Old Hope Antiques

The flags!  If I could buy anything, I would have bought one of these.  I love that they are a graphic representation of one point in time.

This tiny handmade flag from WWI was my favorite. 

another handsome portrait from Old Hope Antiques.
(seems like a modern hairstyle, no?)

A lovely booth, featuring another stunning set of portraits (at James Kilvington, Inc).  The rugs are from Peter Pap Rugs.  And, I loved these carved wooden fish (but can't remember who featured them!)

A collection of antique ship paitings looks amazing on that navy wall.  The sterling silver cups are from S.J. Shrubsole.  The gold mirror (on the red wall) is from Christopher T. Rebollo, it was made in Ireland in 1760 and was hand carved from Pine.  It was labeled $9,500 and is available HERE.

LOVED that portrait of the child with the bandage.  I thought it was funny (and a little unexpected).  It's available at Joan Brownstein.  The Windsor chair and antique secretary desk are from Nathan Liverant & Son.  The chair is a comb back Windsor armchair with carved knuckles and scrolled ears.  It was made in Philadelphia in 1770(!!!) and was priced at $27,500.  The patina on this piece was amazing: smooth and satiny from years of wear.  I loved it.

Portrait of George Washington is from the Schwartz Gallery
And, my love for navy walls continues.  Isn't this the most amazing color?

A charming embroidery sampler done by an 11 year old girl (from Ohio) dating to1837.  It reads "Maria Wise is my name. Pike Township is my station. Clark County is my dwelling place and Christ is my Savior."  I particularly like the little cat in the lower left corner, titled "Miss Puss"

I was sort of obsessed with the pink wall treatment at the JAGR booth.  It was refreshing to see something so modern among such prized antiques.  Loved that large pink print, mixed with the old patinas (that dresser!) and the simple shapes of the side chairs.

more from Old Hope Antiques.  I love this portrait of the little boy, all dressed up!  It was painted by an unknown New England artist in 1840.

One theme for the event was Celebrations: Antiques That Mark The Moment.  Between birthdays, weddings, graduations and anniversaries, many fabulous pieces were on loan to complete the exhibit. 

One of my favorite items was this 1804 Massachusetts watercolor (at a price of $28,000)
Isn't this beautiful?
available through Jeffrey Tillou Antiques

And guess who we spotted among the antiques, you guys?  One of my favorite Keno Brothers, Leigh Keno!  Dave and I are huge fans of Antiques Roadshow, so naturally we love the Keno brothers.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and their enthusiasm for old furniture is contagious.  It was such a pleasure to meet him in person.

me with Leigh Keno, antiques guru.

I want to thank the amazing production staff behind the scenes of the Philadelphia Antiques Show for including us in this fabulous event.  Dave and I had such a wonderful time!  We're already looking forward to next year.

The Philadelphia Antiques Show is featured at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia and runs through Tuesday, April 12th!


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Susan said...

Wow! I wish I had known about that cocktail event, I would have paid to be there, and attend the after party in the coolest space. Love Urban HQ. My favorite piece has to be that antique bedspread..and how cool is it that you met Leigh Keno?!

Cindy @ a curious gardener said...

thank you for taking us along with many beautiful antiques presented in style!

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Wowie! So much here I love - Audubon prints, navy walls (doing a similar shade in my dining room), crewel bedspread, samplers, watercolors! Oh my... I worked for an antiques dealers (architectural salvage, primarily) in high school/college and this brings back so many memories. Sounds like an amazing time and thanks for sharing!

Amanda Bevington said...

Very interesting! I love your hair by the way : ) You look adorable!!!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Dang, I'm so mad I missed this!

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