Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashionable Fascinators

With the Royal Wedding happening tomorrow(!!!), I decided to do a little research on fascinators (inspired by the future Princess).  And while they're not that popular in the United States, Miss Middleton is starting a global trend and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of these fancy headpieces in the stores soon.  I personally think that they're fabulous, and would love to wear one to a summer wedding or other such fancy occassion.  Something small and simple would suit me (not sure I could pull off some the more outlandish versions).

these fascinators from ASOS were pretty cute (and affordable)
Bonus? They offer FREE delivery, worldwide.

a few chic options from Washington DC shop, Proper Topper.

Based in London, this lovely shop Hats By Cressida will ship their products to the US.

And, there were quite a few handmade options on Etsy...

available here

too over the top?
available here

available here

available here

What do you think?  Could you sport a fancy fascinator like the future Princess?


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Diana said...

Love them, but feel too self conscious to wear them and pull them off. I feel like that about lots of things.

Life of Style said...

I love all of those, how fabulous...Secretly I wish I had one to wear at home tomorrow to watch the festivities!

Jessie said...

I just love the ones from Proper Topper, they are so gorgeous and the last one looks so sweet. Great picks!

Virginie said...

I need a Fascinator for a wedding in less than 2 weeks, i am in teh Washington DC area, any idea where i could find them ?

Virginie said...

Hello Ladies, I need a fascinator for a wedding in less than 2 weeks, do you know where I can find them in the Washington DC area ? Thanks for the help!!!

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