Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not Your Average Cube

I hate a love-hate relationship with upholstered cubes.  In a pinch, you can use one for extra seating.  When used as a pair, upholstered cubes make terrific coffee tables.  They're soft, so they're the perfect place to rest your feet at the end of the day...  and, if you have kids?  Well, they're ideal. 

So, where does the "hate" part come in?  It's here: most upholstered cubes are pretty boring, blocky, and bland (exhibit A).  Let's just say, they're not my first pick when furnishing a space.

But, these nailhead cubes???  Well, these are AWESOME.  It's a love LOVE relationship.  I recently recommended a pair of these cubes for one of my favorite clients in San Francisco.  Upholstered in a chic microfiber (no, not an oxymoron. chic microfibers DO exist) a pair of these cubes will make the perfect living room coffee table, and they're completely kid proof. 

It's amazing what a few nailheads can do.

If you're interested in ordering these guys for yourself, send me an email at highstreetmarket (at) gmail.com.  Also, the nailhead finishes can be customized to fit your space (polished nickel, pewter, antiqued brass, etc etc). 


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Jess P said...

CHIC microfiber? i trust your judgment 10000% so i have got to hear more about this! i thought it was an oxymoron just like "safe cigarettes" :)

Ceri said...

Love this! Nailheads are the best aren't they?

Anne-Marie said...

"Chic" never even entered my head. "Necessary part of my life", that's what entered my head! :-) Children and microfiber are a perfect match.

Kelly Robson said...

It's all how you look at it: "Chic Microfiber", sounds a lot better than "Suitable & Practical, kid friendly and stain resistant polyester blend Microfiber". Positivity! :)


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