Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Globes!

It's back to school time, so it seemed like a fitting week to address vintage globes! I've briefly mentioned vintage globes before, but didn't say enough about this unique room accessory. No longer regulated to Dad's office, globes are making appearances all over the house!

Even in the dining room?

I love the aged patina of a vintage globe... plus, it's fun to see how the world has changed in just the last fifty years or so. If you are collector, or a budding globe collector, this is one of my favorite sites for help on dating the origin of your vintage globe. Plus, it will help you brush up on your geography. Do YOU know where Tanzania is?

There are a couple of cool globes on the site right now!

1950 Cram's Universal Globe available HERE.

Vintage globe coin bank available HERE.

or, maybe a brass globe with a hidden storage compartment? available HERE.


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Elle D said...

these are lovely! your blog is so dangerous for my poor pockets, but I can't wait for my 'tall green glass vase'!! so excited!! :D

pve design said...

We have some really old globe bookends that you would love. Wonderful blog and shop you have!

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