Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fancy Chandeliers

There is something special about a fancy chandelier with sparkly glass crystals...  in an unexpectedly modern room.  Like a kitchen, library, or office.  It doesn't feel stuffy or over done.  To me, it's a sophisticated surprise to modern design. So, I like it.

Crystal chandelier from Jayson Home & Garden

Or this vintage chandelier (for only $650!) on 1st Dibs

Here is a simple version from Lamps Plus

It takes some digging (and a little bit of vision), but you can find some beautiful vintage chandeliers at flea markets, or on craiglist...  even ebay!


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Hug House said...

Hi Kelly!

Found your blog! :)

My friend put a chandelier like this in her new baby girl's nursery too.


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