Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trimmed Out!

I have secretly toyed with the idea of using pom pom trim somewhere in my house... You know, pom pom trim is funny... it's sort of fancy and a little playful. I don't know, I just like it.

I like the idea of adding it to the leading edge of a drapery panel...

or, using it on a pillow with a solid fabric...

This idea is great. Holly at Decor8 blogged about this tip (from a Dutch magazine) last year. It's an IKEA blanket spruced up with colorful pom pom trim.

Here are a few (easily available) pom pom options from Lewis & Sheron!

purple pom pom:

orange pom pom:

red pom pom:

top image of Kelly Wearstler from Modern Glamour.

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kadler said...

Ahh, please do! I would love to try this, but have zero crafty talent.

carissa said...

girl we are on the same wavelength! i just used pom pom trim in one of my bouquets! great minds think alike :)

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