Friday, October 21, 2011

The Alternative Jack O' Lantern

Halloween is a mere 10 days away, and that means it's almost time to carve Jack O' Lanterns!  Here are three little pumpkins that I carved for our porch last Halloween...

I was thinking about doing something different this year. So, I did a little research and found a whole slew of inspiring ideas for "alternative" Jack O' Lanterns.  Here are some of my favorites to help spruce up your own haunted house (or spooky front porch)...

Paint the pumpkin black! Next carve out the face, add whiskers and ears, and you have a Black Cat O' Lantern (or Bat O' Lantern).

With black paint or permanent marker, create the silhouette of a haunted house (it could even be your own house!), and carve out windows and a large looming full moon.

Perfect for tiny pumpkins or gourds-- use red push pins for eyes and vampire teeth!

Maybe you don't have time to carve a pumpkin (or you're not too keen on making a huge mess). These no-carve ideas seem super simple and really fun...

Candy corn pumpkins!

Using a fine-tipped Sharpie pen and a paper doily as a stencil, draw a detailed pattern on the pumpkins. Love this vintage look!

I love this place setting idea-- perfect for a spooky Halloween dinner party. Attach bat wings and you're done.

You don't even need a pumpkin for this adorable display. Just a magic marker and a few ballons!

Last October, I used a carved out pumpkin to create a lovely fall centerpiece:

(and used a vegetable peeler to monogram it!)

By using a similarly carved out pumpkin, you'll have an instant beer cooler!

There are so many ways to get into the Halloween spirit this week. 
I think I'll try to make one of those doily pumpkins this weekend.  :)

What's your favorite style of Jack O' Lantern?  I tend to carve pumpkins with scary faces (boo!) and my husband loves to make a "cannibal pumpkin" (where one big Jack O' Lantern appears to be eating a smaller one).  My parents always carved friendly Jack O' Lanterns with big smiley faces and happy eyes.  They even topped them with straw hats.

all of these pumpkin ideas were found at Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens


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Kate Gwinn said...

I vote haunted house or candy corn!!! xo.

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