Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Trip To Savannah, part 3

This is my last post about our fabulous mini-break in Savannah, Georgia (see part 1 and part 2 for more Savannah snapshots!). 

I just have to tell you guys about our amazing hotel.  We stayed at The Gastonian, a lovely bed & breakfast in the historic district of Savannah, just a couple of blocks from Forsyth Park.  If you know us, you know that generally speaking, Dave and I are not "bed & breakfast people".  We're more like "Courtyard Marriott people" or "Hampton Inn people" or "(Fill In The Blank) Less Expensive, Dependable, Consistent Hotel people".  So, this was a departure from the norm, and a total treat.

We rolled into town around 10:30pm.  The historic mansion was completely illuminated, there were twinkling lanterns out front and the door was open.  The gal at the front desk was waiting for us, and gave us the warmest welcome when we came through the door.  We checked in, she gave us our key and led us to our room.  We stayed in the Juliette Gordon Low room, located in the building next door-- The Gastonian includes two historic homes that are connected by a central garden and backyard deck...

this is the deck that connects the two buildings.  it feels like a tree house.

Our room was gorgeous, complete with a (working) antique marble fireplace, clawfoot tub, and a private terrace.  A private terrace!!!  We died.  There were robes on our bed and tiny praline cookies wrapped in cellophane.  We felt so spoiled!  I worried that by staying in an old home, we would hear other guests...  but, nothing.  It was completely silent.  Nobody bothered us.  My husband said that it felt like we were staying with a rich relative who let us come and go as we pleased.  That's really what it felt like.

The next morning, we ate breakfast in the main dining room.  We also booked a third night at the hotel!  We had originally planned to stay two nights and then head up to Charleston, South Carolina for a night...  but, we just couldn't handle the thought of leaving Savannah so soon.  What are we, crazy? We didn't want to leave this place.  So, I guess a future trip to Charleston is in the cards.

Juliette Gordon Low room, complete with marble fireplace

an antique chair in our room (love the paisley drape)

large bathroom with clawfoot tub!

main lobby and dining room
(I wanted to take that painting off the wall and sneak it home with me)

marble fireplace in the main parlor

center stairs in the main building, and I love the worn finish on the pineapple finial

the most fabulous Chinoiserie mirror in an upstairs hallway;
fabulous brass wall sconces

the central stairs in the second building

the main entrance in the second building, with the most phenomenal wood carving

a close up!

Some of the guestrooms were vacant on Wednesday morning (but they were filled to the max on Wednesday night), so I snuck in and snapped some pictures...  Each room was different, immaculately maintained, and filled with amazing furniture.

After a day of exploring Savannah, drooling over the historic homes, and shopping the antique stores, we came back to The Gastonian for a glass of wine and appetizers (which were crazy good).  James, the gentleman at the front desk, referred us to Leoci's Trattoria and we ate dinner there on Wednesday night.  It was only a few blocks away so we walked, and the food was delish.  When we returned, drinks and dessert were being served in the lobby (yummy almond cake, thank you).  We also found that our room had been "turned down" for the night.  Drapes were closed, lights were on, cookies were on the pillow.  I'm not kidding.  SPOILED.  The next morning (as well as Friday morning) we had breakfast on the terrace.  Why not, right?

breakfast on the terrace!

It was a dream.  I didn't want to come home (to a house in the middle of a massive renovation).  I wanted to stay there forever.  Nobody "turns down" my bed at home, nobody brings me a gourmet breakfast at home.  Dave missed it too.  On our first morning back in Philadelphia, he said, "where's the guy with the homemade scones?"  We were completely spoiled at The Gastonian and we can't wait to get back.

I hope you've enjoyed my recap of Savannah!  If you're considering a quick trip out of town, I highly recommend it.  If you live in Savannah, well lucky you. :)

Have a wonderful day, sweet friends.


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Patricia Villamil said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Kelly: Thanks for the grand tour! Yes, I absolutely adore Savannah...and the bonus is that we now live within driving distance! Hope to go down in May...and I'll report back on it. But then, of course, there IS Charleston which is also out of this world wonderful. You see? That's why we moved South!

Hannah said...

Love this post! 'Where's the guy with homemade scones?' It cracked me up! thanks for sharing.

Irene said...

Swoon, now my husband and I must go.

Lisa said...

Hello. I just discovered your blog from "For the Love of a House," and COULD NOT BELIEVE that the first post I read is about Savannah! My all-time dream is to visit Savannah & Charleston (we live waaaaayyy up in Vermont!). My husband laughed when I yelled, "Eye candy!" Thanks for sharing. Now I REALLY want to go. So very beautiful! Lisa

Jennifer said...

How absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!! Juliet Gordon Low is the founder of the girl scouts, if memory serves...and Savannah was her home! i agree bed and breakfasts are so inviting and give a personal touch to your stay. We had a lovely meal at the Pink House and met friends from Aiken, SC! We also had lunch at Mrs. Wilkes...southern comfort food...yumm! Jennifer aka Gigi

paula said...

so happy you loved it. I think I say every month that I want to move there.

Junita said...

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures! The Gastonian sounds like a truly special place. It's nice to hear that your splurge was well worth it.

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