Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Trip To Savannah, part 2

the gorgeous green entry to the Circa Lighting annex

Ok, let's talk shopping. 

Savannah is FULL of interesting shops and antique stores.  We spent the majority of our days walking along the Savannah streets and stopping into the wonderful shops and boutiques along the way.  The Design District includes a great variety of home boutiques and antique shops, mostly along Whitaker Street (but there are some hidden gems off the beaten path).  Here is the map we used when shopping historic Savannah...

One Fish Two Fish was a favorite stop of mine (no. 17 on the map above).  First of all, the store is beautiful.  The staff is completely lovely and very friendly.  They have a great selection of pillows, mirrors, scented candles and even jewelry!

Across the street is Circa Lighting.  One of my ALL TIME favorite resources for lighting.  All time favorite, it's a great shop.  Circa only carries the best of the best, and their attention to fine quality is evident in every fixture.  Because their physical locations are limited (mostly in the south), I have only shopped their inventory online...  so, seeing the selection in person was a real treat.

I about DIED when I saw these black marble table lamps.  They are completely stunning.  These guys were located in the Circa Lighting Annex, which is full of discounted fixtures, discontinued lamps, and clearance deals.  I didn't buy anything, but was extremely impressed by the enormous selection.  If you're in town, and in the market for fine lighting, you must stop in!

I couldn't stop swooning over these quartz lamps in the Circa Lighting showroom.  I love the way the light passes through.

One of my favorite home boutiques in Savannah was The Paris Market.   Located closer to the river, on West Broughton Street, this shop is FULL of interesting things.  

you walk in on the top floor, and you're greeted by tables full of lotions, perfumes, and sweet smelling candles.  The light fixtures were my favorite.

Love the giant, illuminated letters spelling "Paris" on the upstairs wall.

an adorable display near the front door

more eye candy.  Loved the giant shell.

The Paris Market even features a tiny cafe,
complete with Parisian chairs and marble-topped cafe tables.

the gorgeous cafe counter.

  these ceiling fans were driven by antique mechanized belts!  It was phenomenal to watch.

Then, if you follow the steps to the downstairs basement, there was even more to see... brick floors and exposed beams.  While I went crazy over the decor, my husband was examining the ceiling beams above (comparing them to the ones in our basement).  For the record, the beams were huge and set very close together.  Impressive. :)

dining tables set under twinkling chandeliers

loved the Venetian style mirrors

cabinets full of curiosities

LOVED these giant green glass lamps flanking a table full of vintage photographs...

more lovely display areas.  Gorgeous chandelier and I loved the overhead string lights too...

large modern wall clocks with red dials.

me, posing in The Paris Market basement.
(please ignore the "sensible" shoes.  we did a lot of walking that day)

The antique shops in Savannah were also fabulous.  We stopped into MANY shops, but only took a handful of pictures.  Overall, I was so impressed with collections of vintage porcelain and silver servingware...

love these porcelain dogs in the window at the The Corner Door (no. 11 on the map).  For the record, this shop was lovely.  They had some steller collections of antique porcelain, and the sterling silver servingware was magnificent.  You must stop by if you are in town.

I can't remember the name of this antique shop, but it had a cute red door that led you into a basement full of interesting things...
UPDATE: thank you "Anonymous" for commenting! This shop is Limehouse Plantation Antiques.  It is located at 120 East Jones Street and it's no. 9 on the map!

loved the antique oil painting on the left, and this boar was wearing a captain's hat!

And, last but not least: if you're in Savannah you MUST stop into Alex Raskin Antiques.  Located on Bull Street (it's no. 4 on the map), you have to go there.  First of all, it's located in one of the largest single family homes in all of Savannah.  And, while the plaster is peeling and it's in horrible shape, the entire place is FULL OF ANTIQUES.  And, bonus?  It's a free tour of an extraordinary southern home.  We were so impressed by this place.  The pictures don't do it justice.

This is the only sign out front.  You would walk right by and never know this place existed...

To put this in perspective, the ceilings in this room might be 20 feet high.  And, there were chairs stacked on top of credenzas, beds jambed in with dining tables...  it was CRAZY.  Oh, and the rugs?  They were gorgeous too.

see the peeling paint?  here is my husband checking out an antique side table... Again, to put this in perspective, my husband is 6'5" and there must be another 10 feet of ceiling above him.  The scale of this place cannot be captured in pictures.  It was so grand, we couldn't get over it.

An incredible antique chair sitting in the second floor hallway.

and the chandeliers!!

I think that this was the second staircase(!!!) leading you up to the third floor. 

antique furniture everywhere...

It's a phenomenal store.
Alex Raskin Antiques, at 441 Bull Street, Savannah, Georgia.

(In case you were wondering, the pieces in this place are not cheap.  We thought we might score a few deals but, ha!  This guy knows what everything is worth.  Don't let the peeling plaster fool you)

Happy Monday, my dear friends.


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Full House said...

Wow, thanks for taking us along. I already wanted to book a trip to the great state of Georgia but now I want to go ASAP.

Susan said...

Great recap of your trip, thank you for sharing! I've added a few places to the list for the next time we're down there!

Anonymous said...

The name of the antique store you couldn't remember is "Limehouse Plantation Antiques" on Jones Street.
Yes, Savannah is full of fabulous little treasure chests buried everywhere. So glad you enjoyed our lovely city!

Julie said...

Oh my!! So much goodness to be had in Savannah. I've never been, but like you, always wanted to and dreamed of going. So fun.

I would die for those green lamps, and of course that to die for antique WAREHOUSE! Never seen anything like it.

You should do a post on where you ate!

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

the paris market is my fave! I love Savannah!

Life of Style said...

Great interview in Matchbook, congratulations!

O.C. said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. You are quite pretty.

Jennifer said...

love Savannah! I could live in One Fish, Two Fish ...

StylishIrish said...

Hello from New Zealand! Those shops look amazing. Look the shot of the illuminated letters spelling Paris btw.

The French Tangerine said...

What fun to find this post! I recently did a similar post after my trip to Savannah! It's under "inspired travel" in my sidebar... We visited many of the same shops... and I am thrilled to find even more stores, namely antique stores that I missed! Will look forward to going back soon!!
Wonderful post!

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