Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The NY Times Talks About Lonny Mag

lonny mag founders and editors, patrick cline and michelle adams

If you are a Lonny Magazine lover, like me, you might be interested in reading a great article featured in this Sunday's issue of The New York Times.  I personally think that Lonny is the best thing to happen to shelter magazines.  Yes.  I can swoon over a living room, and then click that lamp sitting on the side table to buy it.  How rad is that?  Not to mention that every space that the magazine features is brilliantly different than the one before it.  Beautifully shot, beautifully styled.

So, read the article HERE.

And, here is a highlight...
For one of the issues, they shot the upstate New York country home of Eddie Ross, who now runs a design company and was formerly senior style editor of Martha Stewart Living.
A typical shoot for Martha Stewart required seven people and “meetings about Pantone chip colors and meetings about meetings,” Mr. Ross said. “It was just crazy, because who lives like this, in a $300,000 room I put together? I’m sorry, but I can’t relate to a $40,000 mirrored coffee table.”
Lonny displays people’s own d├ęcor, instead of shipping in items to redecorate homes, as many magazines do. In the case of Mr. Ross’s home, that meant including lamps found in a Goodwill store.
The technique infuses the magazine with the accessibility that Domino was known for. “It’s not as stiff,” Mr. Cline said. “We’ll leave lamps on and animals walking through shots.” At daylong shoots for print magazines, he used to get four usable photos. At Lonny, he typically gets 27.
No one in the industry is saying that Lonny-type magazines will save publishing. But it does provide an avenue toward electronic reading devices like the iPad.


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Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

Great article. Thanks for pointing it out.

Mary Ellen (ME) said...

That just about sums up why I am among the throngs of people who flock to this magazine! I hardly ever get a chance to read the NYT, so thanks for the link!

Maggie Rose said...

I think the interest of the advertisers is what will really propel this idea into the next phase. I like the content of Lonny but I find the technology lacking for a really pleasant reading experience - the zooming is off, the type is too small to read for 100+ pages... but that's because they are working with what is available (and rocking it, I might add). With more financial backing they will be able to develop a reader interface that is more convenient hopefully. I just don't want them to start doing those things like bringing in all new props, etc just because advertisers want it featured. Thanks for linking to this!

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