Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shopping at Urban!

Some cute new finds at Urban Outfitters!

"Love" pillow

Stockholm stacked bookshelf

teeny tiny "owl" door knocker

mosaic embroidered pillow

midcentury inspired side table

And, do you remember my post on the Etsy shop, Cardboard Safari? Well, look at this! Cardboard Safari is available at Urban Outfitters!

And, they aren't the only lucky Etsy shop to hit it big. Ashley G and Drew have a piece available at Urban. And so does Berkley Illustration (their Urban print HERE), and Geninne's Art Store (her Urban pieces HERE and HERE).

Congratulations to these talented Etsy artists!


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Jenny at LGN said...


I'm totally using the modern etagere in a project for a client! We're lacquering a pair in navy blue! I'm super excited, although it's a little weird buying real furniture from U.O.!

PS sorry that I'm pretty much blog stalking you lately. I feel like all I do is comment on your blog these days! :) Great stuff!

Kelly Robson said...

Haha... I love it. Don't you feel like a college student shopping at Urban? I do. :)

I LOVE getting your comments! It's better than hearing crickets chirping after you hit "publish". :)

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