Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Etsy Shop: Death and Texas

Today I am featuring the totally rad etsy shop, Death & Texas. This Texas born gal studied sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design, and then went to New York City to design and fabricate Australian messenger bags. She says, "that's where I started designing bags in my head."

Weekender Tote (also seen in image above)

Well, now her designs are actual products. This is good for us. She makes super chic messenger bags with leather detailing and brass studs. And, if you ride your bike, well, you're in luck. Death and Texas makes leather holsters to easily hold a U-Lock. The pouches available here also attach easily between the handle bars for extra storage! Love it.

Handlebar Bag

Black Handlebar Bag

Braided 2-piece Leather Belt

Hip Pouch (also available in red, black, and plaid!)


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Elizabeth said...

The Weekender tote is in my Etsy favorites too!

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