Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Etsy Shop: Alicia Bock

I have lived my entire life in Southern California, where we pretty much sported flip flops year round. As a recent transplant to the East Coast, I whined through the entire winter (the novelty of coats and scarves gets old after about two weeks-- then it's just really cold and gray).

So, I am desperately waiting for Spring to make it's presence here for good. I tried to ignore the ice on my windshield yesterday morning, and I have left my coat at home because I am in denial. It's well into April, dammit. Where is the warm sun?

Until then, enjoy these gorgeous pictures from Alicia Bock. I am a big fan (I own three of these prints, hehe). Visit her etsy store here.

Have a joyous Easter Weekend!

**UPDATE: Heather is also upset about the lagging Spring weather***

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