Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Etsy Shop: artgoodies

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I plan on relaxing at home with the windows open because it will be 77 degrees and sunny on Saturday! Finally. For now, enjoy this knock-out gorgeous New York kitchen, owned by Katie Lee Joel and designed by my (make believe) boyfriend, Nate Berkus.

Speaking of beautiful kitchens... I want to share a fabulous new Etsy Store with you, called artgoodies. I have my eye on the awesome red lobster towel, but isn't the assortment of colors and animals wonderful? I love how these graphic kitchen towels bring so much personality. And, bonus, artgoodies sells aprons too!

SPECIAL RED Lobster Block Print Towel, $12.00

Quail, block print towel, $15.00

Sailboat, block print towel, $15.00

Build your own six pack! $84.00

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