Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My new favorite maternity jeans...

Now, in the 7th month of my second pregnancy, I can surely no longer wear regular pants (believe me, I've tried-- that elastic hair band can only stretch so far).  And, when my trusty GAP maternity jeans ripped in a place that only reinforced my growing size, I reluctantly went on the hunt for a new pair.  After ordering--and returning--a whopping seven pairs online, I finally found these.

In case you are pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, I thought I would pass this revelation along to you.  I LOVE these "Jimmy Jimmy" jeans from Paige Denim.  Stretchy and cute.  I actually like the distressed look here.  The best part is the expanding waistband and NO belly band.  So, after the baby is born, I can throw on a belt and wear these like regular jeans (this is the plan, and thoughtful justification for the price point). 

the jeans made a cameo in this High Street Market instagram shot 
(I think I can legally write these off as a business expense now, right?)

and, since some kind people asked for a belly shot-- here it is!!  Wrapped up at 7 months.  

Baby girl will be here in May.  :)


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