Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3rd Floor: Trim Paint

3rd floor renovation UPDATE: Dave managed to hang all the salvaged original trim over the last two weeks, and then we painted EVERYTHING.  This step took much longer than we anticipated for some reason.  There was just SO MUCH TO PAINT.  It seemed like there was always something we needed to touch up, or a section that needed an additional coat.  Oy.  Glad the painting is over.

Here is a sneak peek at the progress...

Spent one weekend working this contraption.  All of the wainscoting needed to be sanded and caulked.  All of the baseboards, the door trim, and the window trim needed caulk.  Managing the caulk gun was something that this 8-month pregnant girl could handle.  :)

  Before Dave and the boys removed everything for demo, I went in and labeled all the original trim with a magic marker.  So, when it was time to hang it back up, we knew exactly which room it was in and exactly where it fit.  (In this photo, we had already primed the baseboard with white primer, but the base cap had not been painted.  All the trimwork used to be this hideous shade of peach.  Glad that's gone).

original trim, with caulk, before paint

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we decided to paint everything on the 3rd floor with Farrow & Ball paint.  The walls are "James White" and the doors/trim are "All White" in a semi-gloss finish.   When deciding on a trim finish, I debated over using an eggshell or a satin finish, instead of the semi-gloss (I worried that the semi-gloss might be too shiny?  Too dramatic?  What if it shows brush marks?).   In the end, we both decided to go for the semi-gloss and we LOVE the results.  The brush marks are hardly noticeable, the gloss is even and consistent, and the overall look is terrific.  We love the extra SHINE from the wainscoting, doors, and trim.  SO HAPPY.  So glad we went with semi-gloss.  :)

Here are the old baseboards with a new coat of paint

windows and trim with paint

windows and trim with paint

 the original door trim with fresh paint (looking so crisp!)

 The new walk-in closets, trimmed out-- we found a similar door trim for these spaces.  It's a very close match to the rest of the house, and I'm happy with it. 

The new closet doors are being primed and will be hung next week (after the floors have been refinished).  The original bedroom doors will be finished this week as well.

 And, here's a look at the wainscoting (that we so meticulously DIY'ed)...  with a fresh coat of semi-gloss "All White" by Farrow & Ball:

Making good progress, so far.  This week, Dave will be refinishing the original hardwood floors himself.  They're in pretty decent shape, with some minor exceptions, so they should be beautiful when it's all said and done.  We're not looking forward to this huge phase of the project, but this is it for the 3rd floor.  After the floors have been stained and set, we can start furnishing the spaces (something I've been looking forward to since we bought this house, 3 years ago).

Next on the list:
      • repaint and hang the original trim that we so carefully saved (minus the shoe molding)
      • install molding around the windows
      • paint molding around the windows
      • paint new closet doors
      • strip/refinish, or paint the original doors (TBD)
      • install wainscoting up the stairwell, onto the landing
      • paint newly installed wainscoting
      • refinish the hardwood floors
      • install shoe moulding
      • final coat of "James White" on the walls

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He Who Loves an Old House said...

What amazing progress! It looks fantastic!

Great work!

pulchritudinous-pickins said...

Looks great! When he's done with the 3rd floor, I have some painting for him to do over here. ;)

Janna McCalley said...

Looking AWESOME! We're getting close to the caulking stage and then paint with all our trimwork-getting excited seeing your finished project! Also, we're installing hardwood soon and after talking to some pro's we're staining them and then using a product called Fabulon. It's a commercial grade product and just had a client use it and it turned out awesome in a satin finish. Might want to look into it if you're refinishing the floors yourself! Good luck, can't wait to see more!


That is a lot of work...I remember painting my whole house when we fingers were so sore from caulking!

An Urban Cottage said...

The wainscoting is gorgeous!

BridgetG said...

Beautiful. So much attention to detail!!

kayce hughes said...

It looks so beautiful. I can not wait to see the floors!

Maggie said...

It looks gorgeous! I would love a refresher on your plans - you've been living on just the first floor, is that correct? Is the second floor still gutted, and do you plan to do this same level of restoration to the first floor as well? Post baby, of course ;)

Charmain said...


Unknown said...

I like this style of wainscotting!

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