Thursday, May 16, 2013

Enjoying the Spring in Philadelphia

I apologize for the lack of blog posts this month.  Life seems to be moving very VERY fast and I'm only trying to keep up (I'm sure you know the feeling).  There are lots of exciting things going on at the Robson house, and despite the daily to-do lists, we're also managing to have a little bit of fun in between...  So, here are some updates from me over the last month.

First and foremost: this spring, Dave and I are cracking down on our 3rd floor renovation.  After Dave ripped out the crumbling plaster, and replaced the windows (which could not be saved-- historic purists, please don't send me mean emails.  The windows could not be saved.) and we insulated the entire space, we sort of let it sit.   Two years later (and one baby on-the-way), we are picking up steam and getting back at it. 

Our electrician outfitted the entire floor with new wiring, receptacles, and junction boxes.  Next on the list-- drywall.
The 3rd floor bedroom ceilings are only about 7.5' tall, so light fixtures were out of the question.  I decided to go with these fancy 3" LED recessed cans.  I think that they'll feel discreet while still providing lovely light to the cozy bedrooms.  Plus, they claim that I won't have to change the bulb for 25 years? 
I transplanted all of our sedum to the side yard.  I've been wanting to do this since March, so a few weeks ago I picked up a shovel and started working.  I transplanted day lilies behind the sedum, and soon I'll be planting my Limelight Hydrangea behind that.  Come summertime, that side yard will be a much prettier place (fingers crossed).
I made a simple flower arrangement for my dining room table last week.  I loved the way my mother-in-law's centerpiece looked at Easter, so I went out and bought myself the same glass globe vase ($11.99 at Michael's).  I'm not sure I will ever use another vase.  I'm loving this glass globe-- it makes everything look better.
(also, Peonies are back in season-- yay!)
My parents came to visit this week and we had SO MUCH FUN together. I took them downtown to do a little Philadelphia sight seeing...
We saw the Liberty Bell...
And, toured Independence Hall (something I've always wanted to do)...


(loved all that original trim)

(I swooned over the Windsor chairs)


Then, on Tuesday, I took Mom to Terrain in Glen Mills...

 Two hours later, we reemerged and drove home with bags full of goodies.  :)
(me and the baby bump (22 weeks) doing a little Terrain shopping)

(fell in love with this little plant-- it's ornamental oregano.  How pretty is this?)
Over the last month, I was also lucky enough to attend the Chestnut Hill Garden Tour (to support the Mann Center for the Performing Arts).  It was INCREDIBLE.  I had so much fun, and snapped a few photos while I was there.  Look for a post on that coming soon (so much gardening inspiration!).

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Unknown said...

I loved all of the pics, but my favorite was of your baby bump!

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