Friday, November 30, 2012

Current Inspiration (and Happy Weekend!)

Just a few thoughts that are going through my head this week...

(Do I have time to DIY this with a roll of garland?)

(Kate Moss in all black.  A no-brainer, insta-slimming outfit-- necessary after a week of Thanksgiving feasts)

(Victoria Hagan rocks.  Remember that shade of blue for a sofa)

(pull out bedside shelf, so genius)

(love the blue cabinetry, glass doors, and killer hardwood flooring)

(really great color combo...  can this translate to a bedroom?)

(cute little navy check-- remember this for a future accent chair)

(ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  This fulfills all kitchen fantasies...  including, living in a world without bugs)

(Love the tile on that shower wall)

(everything about this picture is perfect-- even that little shell chandelier)

(Where can I buy a fitted, super tailored plaid button down? Love this look)

Also, it snowed this week for the first time! 
our backyard on Tuesday morning
Happy Weekend, everyone!

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Jennifer said...

With a roll of garland - yes to the wreath! You can get wire wreath forms at a craft store for a couple of bucks to help with the shape. I used to do mine from scratch ... today I bought two 24-inch fraser fir wreaths from Whole Foods. $13 each. Done :)

Caroline Beeson said...

Beautiful photos! J Crew sells some lovely plaid fitted shirts :)

Unknown said...

Those house pictures were incredible! Thanks for sharing!

domonique @ a bowl full of simple said...

that window is ah.mazing! and is that a compost drop in the countertop? love it. and jcrew has a nice tartan button up.

Kris Robitzsch said...

I am sure you are having a blast!

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