Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thom's Lake House (second edition)

I'm calling this post, "Thom's Lake House (second edition)" because this is the second time I've posted about a Skaneateles Lake house, owned and designed by Thom Filicia.  The first time we visited this topic, was back in 2009.  That house was stunning, and perfectly livable, while still feeling tailored and polished and preppy (my favorite combination).  Thom's newest Skaneateles acquisition is also amaaaaazing and is featured on the cover of House Beautiful this month.  I am a huge fan of Thom Filicia and think that he has a tremendous perspective on interior design. 

I'm devouring every photo of this home-- check out my favorites...

This room is crazy-- love the wallpaper, mix of pattern and color, excellent upholstery fabrics, modern furniture, cushy seats, etc, etc, etc.

Hello, navy linen upholstered walls!!  And, Thom's stunning dining chairs that he's designed for Vanguard Furniture.
Rope railing and seagrass runner-- perfect for a lake house.

I've seen Thom use Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings in many of his designs.  I suspect that this woven paper is from that collection (maybe it's this one?).
Love those walls, that ceiling, and the black barn-style door.  Also, I really like how Thom mixes colors and patterns, but everything remains within a similar tone.  It's good.
dogs & a lake view


Insanity.  I'm liking this modern group (and would never guess that this shot was from a lake house, would you?).  That terrific console is one of Thom's designs for Vanguard.

Panelled ceiling, wallpapered walls, black doors and windows.  Incredibly chic mix of color.  Love the modern furniture and different wood finishes (plus, that pop of red).


So much to see in this room.  The chairs are to die for.  Of course, he designed them.
boat dock and fire pit!
I bought Thom's book, Thom Filicia Style, back in 2009.  And over the years, I've referred to it repeatedly for inspiration and fresh ideas.  As a result, the cover is partially ripped and it's full of dogeared pages and blue post-it notes (not joking).  Now, I am SO EXCITED to see that he has a NEW book coming out next month.  We can buy it here.  
(I must have it.)

To see more pictures from the House Beautiful feature, click HERE.
Also, a note to House Beautiful:  Thank you for bringing happiness to my life and filling my heart with joy.  The newest issue does not disappoint.  I love every feature, and every single article.  Keep it up.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Vanguard Furniture - AMERICAN MADE.

What else is there to say?

Kelly Robson said...

Anonymous-- yes!! And very WELL MADE! Love working with them. :)

drooz doodles said...

Kelly- love your biz and blog!

The carriage house- we are looking for something just like that for our new/old 1896 colonial farmhouse. I just might see if they will come this far!

Thom. Oh Thom!!
I live in Skaneateles and have visited his home.
It is incredible! (I preordered the book and can't wait to see it!)

Sylvie said...

I have never been able to say this before, (I usually have an "except for the....") but I could move into this house and not have to change a thing. I love it! Now I have to print it all out for my idea file!

Mary Beth said...

Kelly, thank you so much for posting these pics, I hadn't yet leafed through my copy of HB. It is perfection!

Any idea who makes those red chairs around the firepit? I've been looking for something similar.

Michele Rowan said...

How fabulous, delicious and down right beautiful, I want to live in a house just like this. I do love your Blog Kelly

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