Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recent Happenings

Things have been very busy lately, and if you check this blog regularly, I apologize for the lack of postings!  Last week, an anonymous commenter asked me to "post more frequently!"  I read that and immediately thought, "How nice! Someone likes to read my blog.  I must post more frequently."  And, then I neglected to write a post for an entire week.  Sorry, Anonymous. 

So, while I try to get a good post together, I'll leave you with some images of this busy week.  Last weekend, we ran up to New York City for some meetings and while we were there, we managed to drop in on the New York Gift Show.

pretty shells

the Anglophile in me looooooved this chair, and I think it could be a fun DIY someday.

I seemed to be digging vintage glass bottles (since there were many images similar to these on my phone)... well as anything covered in rope. 

me, with my post-gift-show-glass-of-wine / our view from dinner
The very next day, I had a meeting in Berks County, PA...
stunning Pennsylvania sky / lots of lovely corn fields
Yesterday, Dave and I met with some of our local craftsmen, developing some new products for the store....
weighing our wool

the workshop
In our free time, we managed to decide on a grout color for the cobblestone apron of our new driveway...
I like the one in front
and, we're still sorting cobblestones by size...  an endless job.
And every night, I watch 30 second videos of my infant nephew (my sister's baby)....  over and over and over again.  I'm so in love with him, I can hardly stand it.
His name is Mickey and he's so perfect.  I can't wait to finally meet him next month.

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I had no idea that cobblestones need to be sorted. That's a first for me.

Kelly Robson said...

I assume that if we bought NEW cobblestones that were uniform in size, we wouldn't need to sort. But, we purchased reclaimed cobbles... so, they're all different sizes! We've got a group of 6" cobbles, 6.5", 7", 7.5"... it's a project. :)

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