Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goodbye Sidewalk

Goodbye, sidewalk!  Hello, the beginnings of a driveway!

This happened this weekend.  Our contractor ripped out about 185" of our front sidewalk to make way for our future driveway.  Yippee!  Up until this point, we've been accessing our property through a shared back alley.  And, we don't like that.  So, we decided that now was the time to install a private drive (we're building a carriage house, so why not make things even better and install a driveway to go with it?).  Also, it must be noted that the majority of homes on our street have private driveways.  So, the new addition will blend in with the neighborhood.  Dave and I applied to the township and designed a private driveway that extends along our sideyard.  Our designs were approved and with permits in hand, the work has begun!

Our inspector is coming today to give the a-okay on the demolished sidewalk (fingers crossed).  Tomorrow, the concrete driveway opening will be formed.  Here's one of our sketches, showing what the future sidewalk will look like:

I'll update on the progress this week!


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designchic said...

It will look amazing...can't wait to see it finished!

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