Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Current Inspiration: Ashli Mizell

While browsing through the Elle Decor website, I stumbled upon the portfolio of Philadelphia designer Ashli Mizell.

I love how she mixes the old with the new...  love all that bold color (the pink wall in that dining room with all the portraits? so unexpected) ... and then the wallpaper with the sputnik light fixture!
Love that too.

Visit her portfolio HERE!

On a side note, I'm running out of town so the blog will be silent for a few days!  But when I come back, I'll share some progress pictures of our garden, and a little DIY project with a shadow box frame.

Happy Tuesday!


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RLG said...

Wow. Stunning pictures. The mantel and powder room blew me away. Thanks for sharing with the class, Kelly. xoxo

Charlotta Ward said...

Wonderful portfolio. I especially love the powder rooms.

Thank you for sharing.

x Charlotta

paula said...

how beautiful!

Jessica said...

Don't you just love finding locals!? I am loving the mirror and honeycomb wallpaper in the bathroom. Can't wait to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing.

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