Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bag Your Booze

My husband and I have a favorite local sushi restaurant that we love to visit on a regular basis.  The food is wonderful and what's even better?  It's BYOB.  Thank you!  So, it got me thinking about stylish wine totes.  I can't bring my wine to the table in a brown grocery bag, can I?  I need something better.
So, here are my top picks for wine bottle tote bags (and, if you're bringing wine to a holiday party? these bags would make a fun gift too)

These Brunello bags from come in a variety of great colors...  plus, they insulate! 
(perfect for that Chardonnay!)

Bring It In A Bag has some great options
(single bags and double bags)

solid colors and stripes

this Fishnet Tote from the MOMA store holds a 750 ml bottle but will expand to 1 liter. Nice.

A cute little bag made of padded burlap with a ticking stripe handle!  It looks like a clutch!

This faux leather "Magnum Milano" tote carries two bottles!
(and I like the white stitching)

I love this Philly tote from MapTote!  Represent your city!

(they also make totes for Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Napa Valley, Manhattan, and Tuscany)

I think the Brunello bag (in pink? or black?) might be the best choice for me.  But, the sarcastic bags from Saucy Sacks would be great for giving holiday gifts this season, wouldn't they?


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Ashley said...

I gave the Philly MapTote to my future sister-in-law last year (a fellow Philadelphian), and she loved it. I think MapTote makes the best bags!

Anne-Marie said...

Such great gift ideas! Awesome.

Sheila said...

LOVE the map tote. P.S. How do I not know about this BYOB sushi place??

MB said...

What great post! The wine totes you've featured are much cooler than the ones I just picked up at Ikea! Not suprising! My favorite is the burlap tote which is so adorable and unique. Thanks for sharing and have a happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

That South House tote is the best! Doesn't look like what it is, at all. Thanks for the great ideas!

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