Friday, October 1, 2010

A Soggy Morning

According to the Associated Press, Philadelphia got 10 inches of rainfall last night.  I am very aware of this figure because I spent the entire night operating the pump in our basement to get the water OUT.  (I took one for the team and let my poor husband sleep...  however, he heard me turn the pump on about every 6 minutes. Sorry, babe).  I battled that water for 6 hours.  It was a valiant effort (mixed with late night tweets complaining about the water, and reading my fascinating book).  In the end, the basement was saved.  Me: 1, Freakish Rainstorm: 0.

I've got to say, for a basement that's about 120 years old, it's holding up pretty well.  The problem was a DRAIN pipe that decided to release gallons of water, ever so steadily into our basement rather than drain it out.  We'll need to figure this one out.  Add it to the list, I guess.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.

While I try to make my way through the day, I leave you with this delish recipe from The Smitten KitchenSweet Corn Pancakes sound absolutely divine right now.

Get the recipe HERE.


 *top images from the Associated Press and The Mercury.

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Unknown said...

Oh no! Sorry about your basement!

Susan said...

Oh you know we live in a loft space in an 1860's era building and last night was bad. We're still having issues with the roof-finding a leak is like finding a needle in a haystack. It was a "5 bucket night" for us...we share your sleeplessness.

I hope your basement dries out soon...hang in there!

RLG said...

I'm so sorry, Kelly.
Instead of praying that our gutters were clear, I should have been praying for your basement. xoxo

Catherine said...

Hi Kelly,
Your story brings back memories...Although when I was bailing out our basement (which made me feel as if our house was a ship), my husband was away on business (but I wasn't as nice and called to wake him up). Our power went out so the sump pump stopped. It was grueling!
Now we have a backup sump pump that runs on a car battery...Sump pumps are really great and you can find one for less than a $100. They do all the work for you!
Happy weekend,

kara said...

So, sorry about the rain. Though, seeing the image of the Amish buggy brings back so many childhood memories! Oh, how I miss PA. A little silver lining for me on your soggy morning! :)

A House and Home said...

Hey! We have a sump pump too, but somehow with all of the rain coming in, my husband still had a bunch of work to do last night! I've never seen rain like this...This area is treating it like snow - two hour delays for school and letting people out early from work. It's insanity.

Julie Holloway said...

I think I need to read that book! My husband and I wanted to watch that movie last night, but we didn't so I can read it first. Looks so dark, though. Hope it dries up for you...send some of that rain to Atlanta.

Kelly Robson said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, if it weren't for the pump (and me staying up all night) our basement would have been flooded. Other folks experienced some pretty bad situations due to the rain, so I guess we're lucky. (But, I'm with you Kara, there's something neat about that Amish buggy picture. Couldn't resist posting it!)

Trina- we need to get a sump pump, but it involves digging through our cement floors, etc. We both love that your's runs on a car battery(!!!), we might try to do that too. I can't believe that your power went out during a flood-- how terrible! I don't even want to think about it!

I hope all of you Philadelphians/East Coasters survived the storm ok! Susan- I saw your tweet at 2am (about the leek). I felt terrible for you!


Susan said...

Aw thanks Kelly...yeah, it was not a great night. Doing better now, hope you are too!

Macy Dawn said...

Thanks for the pancake recipe tip. Clicking over to print out the recipe to try this weekend. Yum!

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